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Screen Of the Day on 10/06/2012
  • theDroidfanatic

    wow :D Which icons/tiles are those?

  • AbhixperianeoV

    mind sharing PSD?

  • Hernan_San

    Did you make the photos or did you download them from somewhere else?

  • semati

    @Hernan_San i made the wallpaper by photoshop & the icons called ”artcore”,you can find them on devianart (

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 06/10/12

  • semati

    @Peachanan Wowww..Thanks a lot Peachanan!!!

  • Aly007

    Good job mate, really fun setup, i like it.

  • semati

    @Aly007 Thanks,i am glad you like it.

  • Aly007

    Btw, can you share the wallpaper without the icons please ?

  • semati
  • Aly007

    Thanks !

  • danrtsey

    Can write a tutorial?

  • amirk112233

    @danrtsey +1
    this is the best screen i ever seen,Guide will be nice=]
    maybe just your icons set if you dont want o make a guide because i dont find icons package like in your screen.

  • semati

    @danrtsey @amirk112233 its easy to setup this screen.I type which apps you need and size of the widgets.icons also found here:

  • semati

    @danrtsey @amirk112233 sorry i forgot to say that those icons for phone and messaging..i used them from another cant find them in artcore iconset..

  • amirk112233

    @semati Could you please bring me the icons like you that I prefer it fits with the other icons.
    It’s the most beautiful screen I’ve seen and I’d love to see him on the HOX mine =]

  • semati
  • amirk112233

    @semati thank you very much,but the massege icon is blue but not like your screen.
    Sorry to bother but if you can upload all the icons from your device then everything will be good for any device.

  • amirk112233

    @semati thank you very much,but the mssege icon is blue and doesnt look like in your screen.
    Sorry to bother but if you can upload all the icons from your device then everything will be nice

  • semati

    @amirk112233 i uploaded the PSD file,you can find there what you want:

  • Hernan_San

    @Semati, dude this is amazing thanks a ton! great work and hope to see more soon!

  • semati

    @Hernan_San Thanks!

  • Roz3buD

    At last, a home that doesn’t burn my eyes… Great work Semati ! Love the icons

  • semati

    @Roz3buD Thanks a lot :)

  • Silitek43

    Great job..very nice :)

  • Fryzn

    Amazing work ;)! Do you mind sharing your weather icons ?

  • semati

    @Silitek43 @Fryzn Thanks! here the weather icons you go:

  • greyleopard

    How do you make a blank widget? Is it just by using an invisible icon? And if so can you please send me one?

  • semati
  • greyleopard

    thanks! one more question, for the UCCW widget, what skin did you use?

  • semati

    @greyleopard you’re my uccw skin,use 5×2 widget size

  • rustyhalos

    aw man, i’ve been meaning to use these icons, looks like i was beat to it :) great job.

  • semati

    @rustyhalos you had to keep your hand quick:)) thanks anyway i appreciate it!!

  • tolati

    A perfect design.You know how to use the icons well..That is the best one between your working..good job..

  • semati

    @tolati Thanks again,man :)

  • daily_driver

    Yet another awesome screen!!! :)
    You’ve been followed.
    I’m currently using your Curcuna 1 & 2. :P
    Keep up the GREAT work!!!

  • tomacotuna

    i love this one … but plz can you give me the wallpaper without ion but that have the same color saturation i meant the one you use is a bit dark and look more good that the one you uplode here plz

  • semati

    @daily_driver Thanks :)

  • semati
  • tomacotuna

    Thanks a lot

  • andyMac29

    God I wish I could do stuff like this :'(

  • StuperFrost

    how wish I can have this .. but i’m new to this stuff and I don’t know where to start :(

Date Added: Thursday, October 4th, 2012 at 11:47 pm

Apex Launcher Pro (8×5 grid size)
UCCW (widget size 5×2)
Desktop Visualizer (For the blank icons / widget sizes: 3×2 & 2×2)
MultiPicture LW
&Photoshop for the wallpaper and the icons)
PSD file: