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  • johnnyfr03

    Square icons?? Nice job!!

  • arixca

    @johnnyfr03 ……thanks

  • emilioepk87

    very nice! wich apps did you used?

  • arixca

    @emilioepk87 thanks…i used flik go theme and whiteout icons

  • ncfballkid

    what did you use to get that clock / weather widget?

  • sherifabdulla

    What did you use for the calendar and music player widgets?

  • arixca

    @ncfballkid clock is One More Clock, weather fancy widget

  • arixca

    @sherifabdulla calendar is ExtDateWidgetXL, and music player is power toggles

  • ncfballkid

    thanks @Ariana.. for anyone wondering, the fancy widget skin for the weather icon is called ‘Google Weather’ :)

  • sherifabdulla

    Thanks @Ariana!

  • drifek

    @arixca What wallpaper did you use?

  • arixca
Date Added: Friday, October 5th, 2012 at 2:01 am

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