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  • ugiimen
  • erguillermin

    Very nice, one vote

  • checker007

    It´s really gloomy, beautiful oppression, 10 Points from 10 ! ;-)

  • ugiimen

    Thanks erguillermin

  • ugiimen

    Thanks Checker007

  • ugiimen

    Slider and Wallpaper you can find in my Dropbox now:

  • mathewrice

    Wonderfully Unique

  • dwh2o13

    Very Very Nice! I like this very much. Kudos…

  • ugamshah

    wonderfull…… can i please have the uccw file.. for the clock and the date… thanks

  • tkruijer

    Hi! I’m new here. Is it actually possible to use the whole design for my GS3? It looks amazing!

  • jmornar

    man, this is awesome…can you please share uccw files for clock and date?

Date Added: Wednesday, October 10th, 2012 at 4:01 pm

Dark and Gloomy
Font name is “TheNautiGal”