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  • sasa408

    Due to the high demand for this setup I have provided a download link to all my files to set this up. The tutorial feature sucks and that is all I was able to input. If you need help just message me.

    *fyi my phone resolution is 800×1280, If you have a different resolution you will have alignment issues.

  • spickett123

    Beautiful setup!!

  • sasa408


  • ale3aflaro

    cool thaxs

  • drunknmunky812

    Another great Theme! Love your work

  • pijindrin

    Could you share the uccw skin from lockscreen? Thanks!!

  • sasa408

    Sorry I no longer have that skin. It’s just the date only.

  • pijindrin

    Do you know the name of the skin?

  • sasa408

    I made it myself. Like I said its just the date only, no images. You can easily make this yourself.

  • milian2013

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  • http:[email protected] Rawbster

    lmfao ^

    awesome screen. how did you get your 4g and wifi icons like that? (to the left and center)


  1. 1. Apex: Portrait grid 9x7, no horizontal margin, large vertical margin & no dock. Wallpaper mode set to multiple screen (scrolling).
  2. 3. Main screen UCCW widgets used: weather 5x2, phone 2x2, internet 2x2 & simple calendar 5x1
  3. 4. Bellow the UCCW calender, to display calender events, add Simple Calender Widget (skin: SiMi Clock multiple events).
  4. 5. On the top you see text icons. They are folders with text icons provided in the download file. Just long press on a folder to change icon.
Date Added: Wednesday, October 10th, 2012 at 1:20 am

All Screens on my Galaxy Note. ♡? click it
*All the files to the setup can be downloaded here: