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Screen Of the Day on 10/18/2012
  • rsolopotias

    Incredible. Can’t wait for the details. You’ve got serious talent!

  • semati

    Love it!.. an excellent setup.

  • Kamillo

    Really cool and great concept! More please!

  • mathewrice

    EPIC – the applications of use for this customization of yours get the gears in my mind cranking :-P

  • peterpan79

    you are a genius

  • garyarts

    hope you won’t get it ill, Alex, but even though it’s pretty, funny, what is it good for? I mean it’s quite useless as a UI for a mobile device (maybe I’m too practical, but u can recognize I love designing and particular interfaces). Maybe i’ll be stoned here, but…:-)

  • AT428HK

    @garyarts i can take it! what does practical mean to you? i think this screen is enough for daily use…i can phone, messaging, screen off, i have time, date, weather temperature, hidden apps folder on the remote…and most importantly i have such a beautiful spinning earth or other live animations to watch on my screen lol!!!

  • MissionImprobable

    Love it. I didn’t even know that you could incorporate live elements into a UCCW like that. Did you have to do anything special in the setup for it to display the live wallpaper properly?

  • MissionImprobable

    @garyarts What’s with the hate? =p Are some of the minimal screens that get created here “useful” when all some of them have is app drawer access and a clock? It’s “my”colorscreen, so to each his own, right? Just have fun and enjoy the goodness ^_^

  • garyarts

    @MissionImprobable No, it’s not about hating something not even too critical, just told my opinion. As I said it’s cool, nobody can say I hate extreme screenies;-) I asked about the practical point of view

  • garyarts

    @AT428HK yeah as I said it’s cool, and if you can find it practical I said nothing;-)

  • jMOtions

    Not gonna lie, when I first saw this I was like, “Meh”. I didn’t see what was so great. Then I watched the video. O_O


  • AT428HK

    @MissionImprobable Thanks!
    No special setup needed!
    @rsolopotias @semati @Kamillo @mathewrice @peterpan79 @jMOtions thanks for your supports!

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 10/18/12

  • leowu4ever

    @garyarts cant agree more.

  • Yotoko

    Lovely !!!
    Very Good work !!!

  • AT428HK

    @Peachanan thank you Peach! Great encouragement especially this time!

  • AT428HK

    @leowu4ever sh…….dont wake him up XD
    @Yotoko thanks mate!

  • Elegant_tech

    Simply brilliant.

  • erguillermin


  • AT428HK

    @Elegant_tech @erguillermin thank you so much!

  • GreenE34

    IcWhatUdidHere :D Imported the remote and TV images to UCCW and covered everything but the TV’s “screen” with the grey. Very cool man great work!

  • Joe_Kido

    Your blog has been deleted, how I can see the instruction

  • AT428HK
  • Joe_Kido

    @AT428HK thanks, i though your blog has been deleted

  • rnlsmomandad

    I know its been awhile but do you still have the links to download this. I went on to the web site and it said there was nothing in dropbox. I really like this theme.God job


Date Added: Thursday, October 11th, 2012 at 8:10 am