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Screen Of the Day on 10/20/2012
  • 1ceb0x

    icons and uccw?

  • Buduka

    love it :)

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 10/20/12

  • xiangqianchong

    @1ceb0x look up

  • xiangqianchong

    @Buduka Thank you !

  • xiangqianchong

    @Peachanan Thank you very much

  • 1ceb0x

    @xiangqianchong Thank you!

  • balducien

    Man, this is just awesome! But if you had uploaded it tomorrow or yesterday, my YouHome screen could have been featured in screens of the day! :(

  • xiangqianchong

    @balducien :)

  • sipher6

    @xiangqianchong thanks

  • yihaomizhijia


  • garyarts

    well, are icons and text visible at daylight?

  • supersox

    love it

  • xiangqianchong

    @yihaomizhijia 谢谢!

  • xiangqianchong

    @garyarts Indeed as you say,Maybe I pay more attention to the beautiful,Thank you for the suggestion

  • xiangqianchong

    @supersox Thanks

  • 11mi


  • xiangqianchong

    @11mi Thank you !

  • garyarts

    @xiangqianchong it was not a critic, just a question. In a practical point of view. I always have the dilemma with light setups, but have quite a bright screen of my device

  • neillee73

    非常好看耶~~~ 可以也分享完成品的縮圖嗎? 上面那張好小 看不太清楚細節

  • xiangqianchong


  • neillee73

    呵呵 Thanks~ 對了UCCW 只有電池跟天氣你有加圖片 另外兩個要自己設定 對嗎~?

  • xiangqianchong

    @neillee73 对的,另外两个是和其他图标都是直接更换,使用Apex Launcher更换图标功能

  • neillee73


  • xiangqianchong

    @neillee73 桌面10X7

  • xNiikk

    Featured on Minimal Android.

  • xiangqianchong

    @xNiikk Thank you , I’m very honored

  • luctreebusch

    Can i use your icons for a new theme i’m going to make?

  • xiangqianchong

    @luctreebusch Willing to share

  • 13327762947

    不错不错 机锋越来越强了

  • mafanshui

    really nice thank you!!!

  • raygunpk

    could you put up a new link for this plz? :)

  • Markez

    New link plz!! :) I love it!

  • pseudowolf

    Hi mate.. Great screen there.. but your dropbox links are not working. Could you fix them pls?

  • ivica555

    Link is not working share new

Date Added: Saturday, October 20th, 2012 at 4:31 pm

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