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  • flodroid

    how did you managed to fit the uccws without gaps? XD

  • ciaastek

    I set density to 182 or 191 or 211

  • flodroid

    are these densitys working without play store issues?

  • ciaastek

    check out slim gapps on

  • rustyhalos

    nice :) what rom and theme are you using? and could you please share the uccw clock?

  • ivica555


  • ciaastek

    @rustyhalos SlimBean 2.8 and theme is Flow by giannisgx89. UCCW is Klok by Pooley
    @ivica555 ?

Date Added: Saturday, October 20th, 2012 at 3:36 pm

Inspiration from BBB

PS: Finnally figured how to set uccw without gaps properly…