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Screen Of the Day on 10/24/2012
  • jaypaulc

    I love this theme!!! Hope you make a winter one like this too :)

  • sasa408

    Thanks :^)

  • johnnyfr03

    Another great job!

  • sasa408

    Thanks Johnny!

  • drunknmunky812

    You have the best themes I’ve seen. Great job!

  • ruckfules_316

    awesome…….share the details pls

  • dyrnld

    can you share the wallpaper?

  • erguillermin

    I like it, very nice……one vote

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 10/24/12

  • paulidin

    I really wish you could share the wallpaper. It’s gorgeous!

  • mysticalmalissa

    Amazing set up! Love it!

  • sasa408

    Thank you all for the compliments. Link to the wallpaper added to the description.

  • sasa408

    Sweet :^D

  • dd

    can you send whole theme? i really dont know who you do that..

  • sasa408

    This is not a theme. If you are familiar with UCCW I can send the files I made.

  • tnm1211
  • gamestoy

    Great Job, i love this theme!!! could you share de uccw files, please?

  • ablack01
  • sasa408

    Download link now in description for UCCW files and dock icons.

  • dd


  • gamestoy


  • oemstyla

    Name of the Font please ? :)

  • sasa408

    Here’s the font:

  • adhebro

    wow great screen..

  • s204

    superb.. wondefull :)

  • matt_t08

    Hi can someone help me get this running on a GS3? The wallpaper doesnt fit as it does in the example here, and I have no idea what I’m doing with the uccw files. I do have all the apps necessary to pull this off though… Thanks

  • sasa408

    Download app picspeed. When setting wallpaper use picspeed and use the option on the right for scroll. Your phone is not the same resolution as mine so you will not fit the entire image.

    With UCCW, open the app and from menu select import. The uzip files I provided is what you need to import. Then close UCCW and ad widget to your homescreen. For more help with UCCW watch the provided video in the app store.

  • SEATiger

    would you share style file for Simple Text as well? i want to create another icon with simple text, but can’t copy the same style you’ve created there.

  • sasa408
  • SEATiger

    much appreciates!! :)

  • iceman600

    i cant make the simple calendar widget the same font as the uccw =(

  • sasa408

    Yeah that’s the one thing simple calander needs. But you can change the uccw font to match simple calander if you want.

  • iceman600

    @sasa408 question… why is it on my email there is something written on it instead of number of unread msgs? how can i do that? im sorry i came from iphone =) im pretty new on this, but im liking it so far =)

  • sasa408

    Uccw only works with gmail. From uccw edit the widget. Click select object then gmail 1. Scroll till you see account. Select your gmail account. For more help there is a good tutorial video provided in the play store.

  • amalcns

    can u reupload the walls??,as dropbox shows 404 error..:)

  • sasa408

    Just tested and works fine. Be sure you copy and paste the link in your browser correctly.

  • meTah

    What skin are you using for Simple Calendar Widget?

  • sasa408

    Simi clock multiple events

  • ralphel

    really like your theme sasa
    but I cant seem to get the calendar and agenda to show up the way as yours do
    are you able to help me?

    thanks in advance

  • sasa408

    I dont use that app anymore. You will need to play with the size and text sizes in the settings.

  • ralphel


  • pratikvyas72

    Will the wallpaper fit perfectly on S3?
    Any changes in dektop grid needed for it sir?

  • sgs414213

    Sharing is caring, and you care alot :) Thank you!

  • rodrigoabreu7

    First of all my congrats for this awesome costum screen!
    Will it be available on Themer App?;)

Date Added: Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 at 1:36 am

Galaxy Note
2 screen scroll with dock scroll.
Wall made with PS.
Here is the wallpaper I made. 2 versions.

Phone Resolution: 800×1280
Apex Launcher: 9×7 Portrait, no margins, with 7 row dock & scrolling.
UCCW Files & Dock Icons here: