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  • johnnyfr03

    Ouch. This would look great on my White S3!

  • Sknoke

    instructions please!

  • kingcole

    @Sknoke Everything is in the description :)

  • EnIGmA1987

    Love it. So clean and sleek

  • JSiNeM

    Awesome uccw skins, thanks! Would you happen to have any more sizes of the wallpaper? Like for 720×1280 (GNex)?

  • kingcole

    @JSiNeM sorry, that’s all I have.

  • amangour

    @Kingcole : ty :)

  • napaceni

    Does it work on S3?

  • kingcole

    @napaceni it should but you might have to resize the wall.

  • Hayanno

    How did you manage to place the button above the widget ? (I’m running on Apex Launcher)

  • kingcole

    @Hayanno in nova you can allow to overlap widgets in the settings, i don’t know about apex.

  • androto


Date Added: Saturday, October 27th, 2012 at 1:11 am

Nova launcher & UCCW

UCCW skins:

Icons here:

I’m using nova launcher with a 7 x 4 grid and statusbar & shadows hidden, and two 4×3 uccw skins. Search bar is part of the wall with invisible icons on top.