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  • johnnyfr03

    LIKE!!!! I love it!!!! Please I need this. I’m begging, please share!!!!

  • summ3rwolf

    thx for loving it :D

    i had upload the wallpapers, font and uccw files for 2 homescreen into my dropbox, below is the link:

    i am using multipicture live wallpaper and apex launcher with grid 10×8.

  • haramizuki

    @summ3rwolf awesome screen! I’m curious, how did you place the image on top using multipicture live wallpaper? is it because of the 10×8 grid? I’m on Nova and I tried to use multupicture live, and I can’t get the image to position on top. it’s always on center. >.<

  • summ3rwolf

    ermmmm…i’m nt sure what do you mean by on top, is it mean the image just on the top half screen? actually i edited the image using photoshop which the image & the icons & those lines are all an image.

    ps: sorry for my broken english :D

  • kev0153

    looks nice

  • summ3rwolf

    thx :)

  • summ3rwolf

    sorry because i had uploaded wrong files to the dropbox. The link below is the dropbox link for the uzip files and new wallpapers together with the old wallpapers which you guys may choose which to use.

  • mafanshui

    could u teach me how to add beweather to the uccw widget?

  • summ3rwolf

    @mafanshui you just need to allow the apex launcher for the widget overlapping, with this option, you can select which widget to send to back or front.
    Hope you can understand my broken english :D
    ps: i am using beweather widget 4×2 and only display current condition.

  • mafanshui

    haha thx for u teaching and yr work is really amazing:D btw is the bicycle picture a widget??can u share it to me?

  • summ3rwolf

    @mafanshui nope, that’s my wallpaper which i had shared at dropbox.

  • scottwebster

    @summ3rwolf this was highlighted on AndroidGuys as our Look of the Week

  • _j_

    Hey! Im trying to copy the style of the weather widget, could you please share the name of the iconset for beweather?

    Really nice work btw! :)

  • summ3rwolf

    The name of the iconset is tickweather.

  • summ3rwolf

    @scottwebster wow…it’s my pleasure :D

Date Added: Monday, October 29th, 2012 at 9:40 pm

First time uploading homescreen at here, hope you guys will like it :D