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Screen Of the Day on 10/29/2012
  • johnnyfr03

    Like this! Details?

  • keeent

    I have posted the programs, icon sets and font used together with the modded wallpaper above. If there’s anything else, let me know ;)

  • johnnyfr03

    UCCW? And thanks so much!

  • keeent

    Here’s the zip with the uccw files. There is a folder in the zip named “Tick”. Copy it to the weather folder (..\UltimateCustomClockWidget\Weather\Tick)

  • johnnyfr03

    Hoe do I retrieve a uccw when it is not a uzip? Thanks!

  • keeent

    Using a file explorer move the uccw files to UltimateCustomClockWidget folder. Then open UCCW -> Open/ manage skins.

  • johnnyfr03

    @keeent thanks

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 10/29/12

  • lapo
  • keeent

    @Peachanan Thank you :D
    @lapo First you have to have a launcher installed. You also have to copy the icons folder to your phone. Then using a launcher long press the icon you want to change on your homescreen, press edit and choose the icon you want to replace it with.

  • lapo

    ok grazie , il tuo screen e’ bello e pulito . guarda i miei….ciao

  • OpenIntro

    Love this!

    Any chance you could post the PSD for your wallpaper/background so we can modify?

    Also, what do you have the down arrow underneath the time/weather doing?

  • keeent

    @lapo You’re welcome
    @OpenIntro Thanks a lot!
    I added the PSD on the description which i have slightly changed [cyan statusbar instead of red – thinner colors layer (bottom)]
    The arrow is a folder with most of the apps I use so that i don’t have to open the app drawer.

  • iaing80

    @keeent I have copied the file to the folder and followed you steps, I can see all the files in the folder yet the app says I have created any?

  • Darbouze

    Hey man awesome screen its truly lovely. But one issue, with the uccw file you posted whenever i open it the images are missing. which is a real bummer considering that uccw weather is just so gorgeous. Could you maybe try and reupload it?

  • sagilo

    I imported the skin but i dont get the images and it looks different …
    How do i apply the images ?

    Thanks !

  • dennkb

    @keeent how did you get the shadow behind the withe uccw layer. i downloaded the .psd but i don’t get it ;)

  • keeent

    @Nick @sagilo check the 4th post
    @Dennis The shadow is embedded on “clock_bg” layer.

  • Cubaza

    @Keeent i have a question. How did you made dock with unread sms, e-mail and phones ?

  • Darbouze

    Thanks for replying keent, i followed all your steps and im not an amateur when it comes to uccw but the images for the two uccw files are missin.

  • keeent

    @Cubaza i used UCCW. You can find it on Google Play.
    @Nick the weather icons are in the zip you can find on the 4th comment named according to UCCW developer’s instructions (Folder: Tick). The rest of the icons can be found on the icon pack under the screenshot (it’s the official android icon pack).

  • Darbouze

    Oh lol i see where you think im confused i know how to do the whole weather icons thing i had the tick ones for a while. The images from the actual uccw file lile that uccw at the top of that screen you have isnt there. Theres no background. When i open up the skin it shows the time and weather and all that but the white background ismt there just says “no image”

  • Tiggarenstal

    Love this. Any chance for the .psd?

  • keeent

    @Nick the background is on the wallpaper. :P
    @Tiggarenstal you can find the psd on the description

  • Tiggarenstal

    @Keeent Oops. Thanks!

  • dfuel

    Keeent how did you change the color of the icons on UCCW. Did you use “color swatches” from the android developer website?

  • keeent

    @Tiggarenstal :P
    @dfuel There are 2 versions of the icons. Holo dark and holo white. The ones on the UCCW are holo white. The rest are holo dark and 3 modded by me (phone,contacts,sms)

  • dfuel

    Oh i see. Very nice!

  • rogue3

    The status bar widget cannot find the background images for the missed calls, emails, messages, and battery. The weather widget also cannot find the images for the calendar (?), Facebook, and camera. I am assuming these are the holo icons listed in your description. Do I need to put them in a certain location? I’d also love to get the psd for your original version with the thicker color bar/red status bar. I’m in the process of editing the psd you posted to match that but thought it might be easier to have the original. Thanks!

  • rogue3

    Forgot to mention I use Nova Launcher instead of Apex. My 8×5 grid doesn’t quite line up with the bg image (I’m guessing it’s just the difference b/w the two launchers), which is why I was editing the PSD.

  • keeent

    @rogue3 You’re right. Those are the icons needed. Sorry that my uccws are messed up. If I’m not mistaken the path in my uccws is “/sdcard/Download/Android Design Icons”.

Date Added: Monday, October 29th, 2012 at 3:05 am

My 1st screenie.

Apex launcher 8×5
Horizontal margin: None
Vertical margin: None
Hidden notification bar
Hidden icon labels
Hidden dock

Hope you like it :)