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  • charlie81

    can i have these files this is awesome

  • Silitek43

    Files up. If you like it just vote :)

  • Caty

    This is amazing – trying it out right now! :)

  • rrohanjs

    screen of the year :D .. love it

  • Silitek43

    @Caty …@rrohanjs . Thank you :)

  • erguillermin

    Yes. like it

  • Stensfie

    can i have the link of wallpaper??

  • Silitek43

    Edit: WP, Minimalistic tools-setting, icons.. Have fun

  • blackbearblanc

    Looks like my icons. Good work!.. Black Bear Blanc

  • hamimo

    I like it

  • Corvida

    Really dig the play on some of the widgets and the wallpaper. Nice work.

  • Silitek43

    ^^..thanks all. I work on more screens, as we speak :)

  • eLbor

    Love the screen, can i get settings on slider?

  • freakdonkey

    i like, and i want to do the same, but i can’t fit the wallpaper on my screen 480×800 any suggestions? advice?
    PS i’ve resized the wall, doesn’t fit

  • Silitek43

    @freakdonkey…make a screenshot or blank image 480×800. Open the image with example, open layers and take my wall, drag and sleep it to 480×800. Simple like that :)

  • RDP1994

    You should do a youtube walkthrough on this!

  • RMDesign

    can you tell me the weatherwidget plz ? :)

Date Added: Tuesday, October 30th, 2012 at 10:20 pm

Have fun again..zoom in 4more details