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  • gkusiman

    This is great i love the look and feel. Can you please link the materials.. i would be forever greatful

  • aldocastro90

    how did you get those icons (Phone .img)

  • jhotmann

    @aldocastro90 Download the Action Bar Icon Pack from here

  • hothfox

    Could you help me out with the Application Folder widget? I can’t figure out how you changed the icons in the bubble popup. Thanks!

  • jhotmann

    @hothfox go edit each folder, click to the left of the name to change it’s icon. Select the first picture on the “From gallery” line. Then select whichever image you want. Once you’ve done this you may need to select “sync cache” from the menu to get the icon to show in the bubble popup. Let me know if you need any more help.

  • hothfox

    Okay, that changes the icon on the home page, thanks! I guess I’m stuck on how you changed the icons for App Drawer, Favorites, Social, Files after you tap on the + sign. I might be a bit confused on how to actually use this widget in general…

  • Trezamere

    I’m loving your layout, good job! I’m curious how you got the text + icon + divider thing going on on the bottom, I can’t seem to replicate it in Desktop VisulaiseR

  • jhotmann

    @Trezamere Well I sort of cheat. The text, icons, and lines I photoshopped onto the background itself and then use Desktop Visualizer with clear .png images on top. In order to create your own I would suggest placing a few Desktop Visualizer widgets (with the green border still) on your homescreen in the arrangement you like. Then take a screenshot and use that as the template for your background. I have an example blog post for a previous background I made here:

Date Added: Wednesday, October 31st, 2012 at 4:18 am

A minimal homescreen with a stunning background photo taken at dusk
photo source:

Launcher: Apex Pro
Grid: 6×8
Rom: CM10