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  • Scratch0805


  • johnnyfr03

    Great job!

  • garyarts

    lovely! what rom are u using? (zero margin) And what launcher?

  • peszek

    @Scratch0805. Thanks
    @johnnyfr03 Thanks
    @garyarts Thanks. ROM cMIUI, launcher Apex Pro.

  • garyarts

    @peszek and what grid did you set?

  • peszek

    @garyarts I set 7×9

  • garyarts

    @peszek just because of clock, it’s very close to the edge

  • peszek

    @garyarts I think it depends on the UCCW background resolution. I try to set the same value on the screen that will. Sorry for my english. I hope you understand me ;)

  • mathewrice

    Thanks for sharing :-)

  • peszek

    @mathewrice thanks!

  • sonicaholic

    Very nice I like it any chance you could share the wallpapper & uccw uzips please.

  • akira8473

    now if only the wheel could spin.

    someone should make that widget

  • peszek

    @akira8473. Yeah! It will be nice.

  • daily_driver

    @Peszek Amazing, thanks for the download and tutorial!!! +1

    EDIT: You’re welcome @Peszek!!! Changed name from “daily_driver” to “daily_flasher.” This edit pertains to comment below.

  • peszek

    @daily_flasher thanks!

  • ForeverFamous

    Very Nice! But the buttons Music, Gallery and Camera are not working on my phone :( Don’t know why…

  • peszek

    @ForeverFamous because I use diffrent apps for music (amp player) gallery (MIUI gallery) and camera (MIUI). Change hotspots apps in UCCW skin and everything will be good.

  • ForeverFamous

    @Peszek: Thank you very much – It works now :D

  • sipher6

    great job that’s alot work involved


    I agree.. I would pay a widget like that in heartbeat.

  • peszek

    @sipher6 thanks!

  • pramod

    i tried this but one problem . In Shortcut ring 1 at bottom it showing “Gmail Select accoun which is overlapping with back ground Gmail picture.

  • valleymountain

    I like this background very much! I’m currently using it on my phone :)
    I have the same problem as pramod wrote about above though – would be perfect if there is a solution!

  • nakaru

    Is there any way I can still get the download files? It says the user is out of bandwith

  • out2late

    hello… I cant get the shortcut ring 2 to align up with ring 1.



  1. 1. Watch the movie.
Date Added: Wednesday, October 31st, 2012 at 2:19 am

Multi shortcut homescreen with only two UCCW widgets but lot of hotspots.
Hope u like it.