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Screen Of the Day on 11/03/2012
  • giannisj5

    uccw theme please…

  • erguillermin

    Very nice and elegant

  • sipher6

    Great work

  • IconRunner

    Seconding the UCCW skin.

  • Elegant_tech

    third on skin

  • dfuel


  • sipher6

    share wall and skin please thanks

  • sideswipe

    the uccw skin is literally nothing guys. its just the simple notification for each item under the menu in uccw. if i were to post it all you would see is the number with a blank background. everything else is part of the background made in photoshop.

  • Personalizado93

    How did you manage to put the image of the tiger that protrude more than the black, I know with photoshop, but that tool or as? (:

  • sideswipe

    @alex, its just a 90° drop shadow on the wallpaper and i put a 1px white line accross the bottom of the wallpaper to make it pop out a little more. i believe i set the transparency of the line to 20% or maybe a bit less.

  • dfuel

    it looks great. Would it be possible to share your wallpaper that you photoshopped?

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 11/03/12

  • DSaif

    Can’t find that UCCW Notifications on Google Play

  • kellyrx8

    would LOVE the wallpaper and uccw, great work here sideswipe!

  • sipher6

    i think he meant uccw app

  • btje

    Can you share the psd. Thnx

  • sipher6

    here the wallpaper guys

  • theDroidfanatic
  • ale3aflaro

    coll theme , can you plz shate de files plzzzzz

  • Kirch21

    please share the psd i love this!

  • blackbearblanc

    Loooks good. Sharp and simple. BlackBearBlanc

  • AbhixperianeoV

    @sideswipe if u dont wanna share files y bothering upload here???

  • sideswipe

    sorry guys i prefer not to upload psd files, i can post a png of the wall if that helps anyone.

    @abhishek, i upload here to show people my designs to hopefully inspire them to create their own.

  • Personalizado93

    I agree with you sideswipe, than it is to create new designs, and not do the same, but would be nice if you shared the png, so that users do not feel a bit disappointed but hey, it’s just an opinion. (:

  • rayro

    UCCW please…
    thank you!

  • SpArkLeS

    This is nice! If only I could make something like this myself :(

  • TkaBrake

    Nice Screen
    Now what would have happened if VasuDev who created UCCW & Shared it with us for FREE, had showed what it could do, but kept the app to himself and Not Shared with us all? :-)
    Think about that while mulling over whether to share :-)

    oops… just noticed your screen uses a lot of UCCW files

  • TkaBrake

    Oh’ I also forgot to mention BBB who by Himself has inspired thousands of us geeks to create their own designs, by Sharing his own creations, ICONS, screens, UCCW files and more.

    Nice Screen you have here :-)

  • Arcaziel

    @sideswipe It would be nice if you could post the .jpg/.png of your screen (the final wall without uccw).

  • aaronanday

    i just learned a lot about photoshop after attempting to copy your design and i believe i have came through quite successful, awesome screen, thanks! :)

  • theDroidfanatic

    @sideswipe Sure :) Then please do share the wallpaper, Thanks :D

  • theDroidfanatic

    @rayro Its all in the wallpaper. the UCCW has just 2 numbers, two unread counts, thats it.

  • sideswipe

    okay guys go to that link and its the first 3 images. i made one without any text so you guys can add your own, one with the boxes for the uccw, and one pretty much just how you see it here.

    i assume your going to have to fiddle with sizing and cropping for it to work with your phone, specifically if you dont have soft keys. by the way the apex grid is 8×5 not 7.

    if you have questions about photoshop techniques used feel free to ask here. should be pretty easy to change the main picture to whatever you want

  • pollinho

    Awesome =)
    Btw. what font was used for the text? Just wondering, because I’d like to translate the text to my native language and maybe add a second screen for whatsapp and facebook…

  • aaronanday

    i spent half my day recreating your phone screen and then you go and post that…. lol

  • chromium

    @aaronanday lol i did the same

  • theDroidfanatic

    @sideswipe Thanks mate! :)

  • SpArkLeS

    Thanks! Awesome, now I hope I get this to work on my S3

  • TkaBrake

    @sideswipe – got my own version going now, slight differences from yours ….Thanks for the wall & inspiration ;-)
    I might actually keep this longer than 7 days (usually change wall by then :-)

  • ugiimen

    i love it, very very nice!!!

  • sideswipe

    @aaronanday @chromium, sorry guys, hopefully you learned some useful PS techniques you can use in the future!

  • SpArkLeS

    @sideswipe could you please share what font you used? Need it for the uccw clock


  • sideswipe

    @SpArkLeS the clock is actually a different font from the text. the text is Decker and the clock is Futura.

  • aaronanday

    i certainly did :P i’m happy that i went through the trouble to create it :D

  • asoe

    how did you make the inset line ????

  • Kamillo

    have you delete it on deviantart? i search on your profil but can’t found.

  • wmjt22

    Can someone who got the files from deviantart before he pulled them repost the files?

  • Kamillo

    please some one?

  • ZachR

    The PSD would be amazing for this, such a nice, clean design. /drool

  • slayerzoom

    @sideswipe Have you deleted the ‘3 images’ from deviantart? Couldn’t locate them..
    btw, simply awesome – minimalistic yet gorgeous
    If only I had some PS skills :(

  • Coldhand

    i need those 3 images also…

  • Milamber

    I’m confused, rather than replying to each persons request why wouldn’t you just put all the info in a details section like most other authors? It saves scrolling through countless posts to find the answers. What we have here is a very disorganized way of doing things and makes absolutely no sense.

    This is another “hey check out what I can do, and no – I’m not sharing. The android community is about sharing… even if that does require paying. Very disappointing….

  • meletiche1

    Keep your crappy screen!!

  • gkkranthi

    I am new to this site. Can anybody help me to download the screens

  • dotzip

    Its pretty hard to find a good guide for this but here you go, I used it myself.

  • obibi

    Oh my… wonderful !
    Icons please ?

  • Daphen

    Upload the image again please, love it!

Date Added: Friday, November 2nd, 2012 at 2:04 am

The screen ill be using when i get my nexus 4 ;)

If you have any questions let me know.