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  • qamu74


    Please share clock widget.

  • dickytam505505

    Could you share the icon plz? (the one below the weather widget

  • ongyiteck

    @qamu74 download the skin from this drop box link: and use uccw to apply

  • ongyiteck

    @dickytam505505 minimal miui theme from the playstore. Worth every penny. Do support the developer

  • Jlamour4

    Please share the weather widget!! Thanks!

  • ongyiteck

    @Jlamour4 its called weather eye. Free app in the playstore

  • Wovi_Wouis

    icons please? :)))) Thanks!

  • Kayten
  • Deftee

    Hey there, what font are you using? :)

  • antunisac

    could you share the wallpaper?

Date Added: Saturday, November 3rd, 2012 at 1:37 pm

Got my inspiration from a youtuber.