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  • johnnyfr03

    Love your work. Great again!

  • sasa408

    Thanks again Johnny :D

  • Moose0704

    This looks really Good!

  • drunknmunky812

    I Str8 Love your work!

  • sasa408

    @Moose0704, @drunknmunky812
    Thanks!! :^)

  • nikhill

    Love those backgrounds, do you have a link to them please?

  • sasa408

    Here is the wallpaper:

  • ale3aflaro

    can you plz share the clock

  • sasa408

    Here is the uccw uzip:

  • asphalto

    how have you been able to make statusbar like that?

  • sasa408

    Statusbar+ App.

  • asphalto

    @sasa408 thankx.. and what weather and agenda widgets did you used?

  • sasa408

    Weather is HD Widgets & Agenda/Calendar is Android Pro Widgets.

  • Nathaniel97

    how can you so the notification bar??

  • sasa408

    What? with the notification bar????

  • ctrlfrq

    Any help setting up the dock with text icons (could you link to the icon pack please?) Thanks.

  • sasa408

    Download app Simple Text. Very easy to create your own. If you still need my text icons let me know, I only make what I need so its not a whole icon pack.

  • nikhill

    @sasa408 – Thank you :-)

  • ArtByDesign

    would this work on my droid3? love the minimalistic style

  • sasa408

    Should work, not much wallpaper alignment on this one.

Date Added: Saturday, November 3rd, 2012 at 11:28 am

Galaxy Note

Apex 9×7 with Dock
Icons By Blackbearblanc