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  • pollinho

    Beautiful =)

    Could you upload the psd or picture? ;)

  • Leppin

    @pollinho Thank you, I’m glad you like it. I’ve added the details to this homescreen to the description, let me know if you want some more informations about the homescreen.

  • vicky_buddie

    Uncannily similar setup to mine – :P

  • Leppin

    Well, i have to admit it isn’t possible to simply dismiss the similarity.

    I had seen your great Theme, even had bought it (I Love the Windows Phone 8 Layout :D). But when i saw there is no possibility to edit the Tiles and i’m fixed on the few Apps you seems to be using, I had refunded it cause of the small customization possibilities and decided to make my own version of a windows 8 theme.
    So there are for sure some influences of your theme.

    Hope you aren’t that angry about it, i’ll add a reference to your theme in the description :)

  • raghu1304

    Coulld you please post the uccw tiles :)

  • Leppin

    @raghu1304 no sorry, don’t want to share them : / think the details should help you to make them yourself :) don’t like 1:1 copies

Date Added: Saturday, November 3rd, 2012 at 2:02 am

My Windows Phone 8 inspired homescreens
Inspired by vicky_buddie’s Rainbow-Tiles Theme:
Used Icons & Backgrounds:
Icon Source #1:
Icon Source #2:
Used Font: Segeo WP @
Used Uccw-Weather Skin: Weathercon @
The Tiles are all made with UCCW by the orginal windows phone 8 Accents: