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  • ramosk6

    can you post a link of the ICS theme you used can’t find these icons

  • ongyiteck when you apply the theme you won’t see the icons as it is. You must edit your dock icons individually and select the icon pack. Inside the ICS theme icon pack there are those icons

  • ramosk6

    thank you! one last Question where did you get the app drawer Icon.

  • ongyiteck

    Download darkedge red theme anduse the edit method to apply the icon for the drawer icon

  • thelastone

    what weather widget is that.. i cant find


  1. 1. using nova launcher, have a 6x5 homescreen grid setup
  2. 2. have two rows of apps that you use most often
  3. 3. for the clock, search for nexus clock and im using weathereye for the weather
  4. 4. icons wise: 1) minimal miui for the 2 rows 2) ice cream sandwich theme for dock icons (both iconsets can be found in playstore)
  5. 5. ~enjoy (please like my setup if i have helped you :) )
Date Added: Sunday, November 4th, 2012 at 6:36 pm

Just another perspective on my previous setup… enjoy