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  • Merong

    Amazing work, What are the icons and the wallpaper?

  • dfuel

    i hope the wallpaper link works. If not, let me know

    Here are the icons :

  • bobjohnson201

    hi i’m a newbie at android themeing and i love this theme. im using a nexus 4 but am having some trouble.
    1. the width of the uccw widgets is not filling up the entire screen as yours does on the picture and i am unable to edit the width of the background of the widget. below are pics of what im talking about

    2. i have no idea how to replace the “image” icons with the icons you posted (i know that desktop virtualizer changes the icons for apps, but am not sure how to connect it with UCCW)
    3. how do you create a hotspot that opens the app drawer? i can’t figure this out.

  • bobjohnson201
  • dfuel

    The width of the skin can be fixed numerous ways. You can resize the screen boundaries from the main screen using ADW launcher or apex launcher. I had 5 columns and 7 rows. You can always resize the skin i gave u and tweak it a little. Play around with it and you will see what I mean. For the icons what i did was download the android design icons from the official site. It was really just a picture of the icon from my gallery where my wallpapers and stuff are… nothing to do with desktop visualizer. I dont think you can open app drawer using UCCW hotspots. If your still having trouble let me know :)

  • bobjohnson201

    thanks for the reply. iirc, it wasn’t letting me resize the skin you provided. i’ll have to recheck that. if not, yea i’ll try resizing the screen and/or width and height margins and see if that works.

  • dfuel

    No problem. Also notice i have no top notification bar and no dock at the bottom. That changes the screen size

  • bobjohnson201

    so the only launcher that i can get the widget to fill up the entire width of the screen is nova launcher. i tried apex and adw, and there is always a little space on the horizontal margins. weird huh?

  • dfuel

    Hmm… i know on adw you can totally resize the screen if you long press the wallpaper. It lets you stretch the screen with your fingers.


  1. 1. Download ADW Launcher, UCCW, (Desktop visualizer and Android design icon for optional icons)
  2. 3. create 5 columns, 7 rows and remove dock, notification bar, and set the Actionbar design to none.
  3. 4. use UCCW to create 3 - 5x2 widgets and "open uzip" each time to find the files that you have downloaded, 5X1 for notification bar
  4. 5. to create the icons above "Google now", download Desktop visualizer and the Android Design Icons (I shared a link in comments).
Date Added: Monday, November 5th, 2012 at 5:16 pm

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