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  • spickett123

    Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing your files with us!! I’m wondering if you set up your icons in your docks within the uccw app and then maybe placed hotspots for each one?

  • semati

    @spickett123 thanks! why not? you can try for that :)

  • spickett123

    @semati Well I think I figured it out, it all fits perfectly when you place the dock as overlay and make two dock pages with large margins. :-). Thanks again for sharing your beautiful setup!

  • semati

    @spickett123 You are welcome! got it ;-)

  • AT428HK

    so beautiful!

  • semati

    @AT428HK Thanks!

  • panyongs73

    Thanks semati,as always great work: D

  • jonirio

    so beatiful !!

  • semati

    @panyongs73 @jonirio Thanks!

  • bobbypink

    sweet! nice setup!

  • semati

    @bobbypink Thanks!

  • knochenjochen

    which iconpack u use ?

  • semati

    @knochenjochen Action Bar Icon Pack..(

Date Added: Monday, November 5th, 2012 at 4:54 pm

Inspired by ”pie-ui-revisited”
Apex Launcher Pro (7×6)
SwitchPro Widget
APW Google Reader
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