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  • lapush661

    Really luv this theme… care to share

  • btje
  • Ishaan

    great setup….thnx for sharing but can u please upload a png/jpg without text and icons,it’ll be really helpful…thnx…..

  • btje

    I uploaded a transparent icon to the dropbox. Is that what you meant?

  • Ishaan

    no I meant the main homescreen wallpaper wilithout icons nd text (phone,email,whatsapp,etc.)

  • Ishaan


  • cheneng

    really nice!
    I’m trying to do my own version on nikk’s psd.
    what is the name of the calendar/agenda widget?

  • honkytonk80s

    Very Good!!

  • ale3aflaro

    Relly coll thanks for share the files

  • btje

    Agenda is the agenda uccw file

  • bangjogz

    pls share the psd file..

  • btje

    psd is in the dropbox.

  • btje

    @Ishaan, download the psd and you can modify the images.

  • unternull

    can you post the psd file again when i go to dl the dropbox says error404

Date Added: Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 at 2:02 pm

Thanx to nikk for the cars psd. I changed some colors and the images as I found it to dark. The round icons are MintBeta. The car images are from the ultralynx.

Strangely I could only upload 3 images. Screen 4 is rss and screen 5 weather info.