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  • mey

    Very very nice =)

  • supr3ssor

    Ty much. I can probably post a tut on uccw clocks if anyone wants one


  1. 1. create a 346x346 transparent document in ps. use elliptical tool, hold shift to make a perfect circle. fill with a gray color.
  2. 3. Then go to gradient tool and select white to transparent, go halfway down from top, drag up and let go. then go to blending options
  3. 4. and select drop shadow and bevel and emboss for depth. repeat with a smaller inner cirle
  4. 5. make another circle for the middle and use same blending options
  5. 10. hide arms and save clock as png. then hide clock and show one arm at a time and save each as png send them to phone
  6. 11. Now the trick to getting everything right in uccw is make the background 346x346 same as ps document
  7. 12. I prefer to use background layer instead of image layers because background is already centered.
  8. 13. add analog clock and select hour and minute arms. everything should fall into place and stay as long as everything was centereed
  9. 14. Hope it helped!
Date Added: Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 at 6:28 am

Tried an analog clock