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  • lapush661

    any zip file really luv that theme

  • gheagz07


    I will post the files later ;)

  • murphytang

    Very love your theme, waiting for your files.

  • gheagz07

    You can get the files here :

    Credit to BBB for the great icons & PSD. :)
    All icons, wallpaper, UCCW files, MinimalisticText(save files & fonts) are included in the package. Tnx

  • murphytang

    @gheagz07 Sorry brother, may I know the setup details? coz I con’t made like your… many thanks…

  • gheagz07

    I’m using 8×9 grid, no vertical, no horizontal margins.

    You may have to fix the location of the UCCW items. Mine was not centered as well when I used the original file from Nikk’s theme.

    BTW, I use Multipicture Live Wallpaper. Tnx

  • murphytang

    @ gheagz07 thanks for your details.

  • bobbydrakes

    can u share ur psd file?? thx

Date Added: Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 at 2:26 pm

Inspired by Nikk’s work.
Apex Launcher
Minimalistic Text
Desktop Visualizer