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  • todd

    nice work can you share files?

  • johnnyfr03

    Another great job!

  • garyarts

    nice nikk! Love the battery bar and lcd. I also like that UI (if you mean this:

  • nikk

    @todd & johnnyfr03: Thx!
    @GaRyArTs: Thanks! Nope, that’s not it – although that looks nice too! :)
    Can’t find the damn thing on dribble again, just saved a .jpg back in the day. Really rebuild most of the stuff 1:1, so the creative praise mainly belongs to somebody else ;) Because of that I’m not going to share stuff, sorry (@todd). Don’t want to distribute stuff that I sort of “copied” from others, this is just for personal use.

  • MissionImprobable

    Do you just have a layer on top of that battery bar so that it appears in increments like that?

  • panyongs73

    very cool,i like this..

  • nikk

    @MissionImprobable: Yes, it’s a PNG on top of the battery graph that spares out these increments. PNG of course added in uccw. :)

  • erguillermin

    I tell you in Spanish………Que pasada!!!!!
    Your creativity has no limits

  • thomp89

    nice setup :0

  • Bolshoie

    Looks great…wish i could have this on my phone

  • theDroidfanatic

    Nice :D BTW, Im confused. There are two people, Nikk, and xNiikk, are there two accounts aof the same person??

  • nikk

    @theDroidfanatic: Nope, I don’t know who that xNiikk is, but it isn’t me ;)

  • theDroidfanatic

    @nikk Weird :S You dont know? :O He’s is THE xNiikk :P

  • garyarts

    would you mind shareing the battery bar skin, plz?

  • garyarts

    or even the psd of it (and the center area)…:-)

  • equishd

    Share everything! plz

  • nikk

    @GaRyArTs: Like I said, this is almost entirely a rebuild of a UI kit I found online. I did however rebuild pretty much everything, but I’m not sure what the legal consequences could be if I share it. Anyone got some knowledge here?

  • garyarts

    @nikk ok, which one that is (battery)?

  • StressSyndrom

    How did you do that ? … im new sry ..

  • roxxas049

    So nikk any chance of getting the WP, apps and settings for this homescreen?

Date Added: Thursday, November 8th, 2012 at 7:01 pm

Found a nice GUI design on dribble, recreated and altered it in Photoshop, mixed it all together for my Galaxy SIII. Hope you like it!