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  • cassyoutofwater

    could you upload the PSD for the wallpaper so i can customize it a bit? thank you. looooove this by the way.

  • anikrish

    Thanks a ton will upload the .Psd as soon as i reach my laptop.

  • cassyoutofwater

    Ok thank you! :-)

  • anikrish
  • rogue3

    Who’s the girl in the wallpaper? Can you post a link to the original image? Nice Photoshopping!

  • prettypoy92

    very nice !! and can u tell me the name of this font ?

  • anikrish

    @prettypoy92 the font is Honeyscript

  • anikrish


  1. 1. Set wallpaper using Multipicture Live Wallpaper
  2. 3. Minimalistic 2x2
Date Added: Thursday, November 8th, 2012 at 4:42 pm

Something new i tried inspired from xNiikk
Nova 8×10
Photoshoped wallpaper
Weather Eye
UCCW for “Date and Condition”
Minimalistic text for “Time and Battery”
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