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  • hima

    حلوا الويدجات

  • Jlamour4

    @hima شكرا لك. (thank you)

  • Jlamour4

    Wow, a thousand views!

  • bmac_0021

    How does this theme have the most views? It is so similar looking to a stock Android phone…

  • Vega2034

    @Bobby … the simplicity :)

  • Jlamour4

    @Vega2034 Haha, thanks

  • alextph

    Love it!! Simple is Beautiful :)

  • Jlamour4

    @alextph Thanks :D

  • VaiSync

    Kinda looks like mine O.o
    Looks good .

  • Jlamour4

    @VaiSync I never saw yours until now. Hmm, kinda does look like yours, lol.

Date Added: Thursday, November 8th, 2012 at 11:23 pm

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This is just something I put together… turned out pretty awesome.
Here is the clock uzip: