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  • PLQ

    Well done!!

  • ricciolo

    can u share pls? grazie ;-)

  • spickett123

    Great work!

  • jobe1785

    could you please share the psd? I really like this.

  • jobe1785


  • semati

    Good work,i like it!

  • vallarellas

    @semati Thanks!!

  • Tobbe

    Hi vallarellas,

    You orange icons you have on middle screen (home) have you made them yourself or is there a collection around somewhere? I love this theme and made my own this weekend with swedish text and not just three screens but five. And the UCCW time widget, the flash icon for the battery I guess is that also UCCW?


  • Usmanabid9

    nicely done!

  • vallarellas

    Yes is an UCCW file.. Look my ultimate work with the link for complete collection fall… file.
    I hope like you.

  • peterpicco

    bellissimo !!!!!! moltobravo

  • stevedoetsch

    You are by far the best artist on this site. And thanks for sharing all the wallpapers, this is sweet!

  • stevedoetsch

    I’m setting this up for my S3 and noticed that the color is slightly off for the home screen image you’ve shared.

  • klodix

    really cool..


  1. 1. Nova launcher 7x7 no dock, NO margins, no status bar.
  2. 2. Multi picture live: set wallpaper (1,2,3)
  3. 3. Set icons (call, home, etc..) with trasparent image.
Date Added: Friday, November 9th, 2012 at 3:28 am

The warm tones of the leaves, in the first gray days of autumn .. ( Z O O M PLS)
I hope you like ..