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  • ozzymirna

    Share the icon please…

  • egar

    i used squareline white by black bear blanc :D

    and this link to him thread on xda

    enjoy it :D

    and happy theming

  • egar

    oh forget, sorry for late respon, i had a job as a waiter, so sorry :D

  • johnnyfr03

    Nice. Do you follow the sport or was it just the pictures that got you?

  • egar

    @jhonnyfr03 thx man, yup i have my own flatland bmx :D, mathias dandois and terry adams is my fave flatlander

  • ozzymirna


  • johnnyfr03

    Cool. Been following the sport since ’83 and still have a collection of mags from the 80’s. Mathias is just out of this world. The sport has progressed so much. Keep it up!!!!!!!!!

Date Added: Friday, November 9th, 2012 at 1:38 pm

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