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  • qoldenqhost

    Nice work :D uccw skin please? :D

  • ronnex

    i hope soon means naow! love it man.

  • keeent

    Thank you guys!
    I updated the description.
    The whole homescreen is based on the wallpaper. What I mean is that the UCCWs are plain text without icons or bg.

  • Rofro96

    Extremely flippin epic job, good sir.
    Perhaps some tessellating triangle icons lower down, maybe 70% size? Just an idea. Really really awesome.

  • keeent

    @Rofro96 Thank you very much :D
    Great idea btw. I’ll give it a try ;)

  • OpenIntro

    Which Grotesque font are you using?

    Also, is it possible for you to save your UCCW and share it here? I’ve tried to line it all up, but it doesn’t look nearly as nice as yours :)

  • ArtByDesign

    how do you set this up?

  • SAMMY_Kw

    I really like this one.
    Nice thinking btw <3

  • 4fit

    Very nice! And I agree with OpenIntro; would love to have the UCCW file.

  • TimoVino

    I Love the setup! Is there a wide version of this wallpaper?

  • keeent

    @OpenIntro I’ve user UltraLight and Thin
    @Sammy K. Thanks a lot! :)
    @Jeff Thank you :)
    @Timo Vino

    I don’t have the uccws anymore cause I’m designing a new homescreen.
    However you can create your own uccws for this setup in like 5 minutes.
    Just don’t forget to use 8×5 grid on your launcher.
    As far as the icons are concerned, you can either use blank icons on top of them or create 4 different hotspots (uccw) for each one of them and assign different activities/apps.

  • TimoVino

    @keeent Awesome! Thanks!

  • OpenIntro

    I will drop a UCCW here tonight or tomorrow :) I’ve almost got it perfect! Love this homescreen! Thanks!

  • keeent

    @TimoVino :D
    @OpenIntro Thank you!

  • vicky_buddie

    Here you go. I made a portable version of this. Portable in the sense, all the shapes are part of the skin now. No special wallpaper needed.

  • amalcns

    @vicky_buddie hey bro can u plz upload the .uzip instead of .apk???

  • dhkx
  • keeent

    @vicky_buddie Please DELETE the uccw skin you have uploaded on Google Play immediately. You never asked for my permission. I wouldn’t have any problem if it was for free but by charging money for something that you ripped off is unacceptable. If you don’t do so I will have to contact Google.

  • stezo

    Can someone teach me how to set the wallpaper without cropping it? Sorry for asking. I’m new here.

  • keeent

    @stezo First you have to set on the launcher’s settings the wallpaper mode to “single screen”. What I do in order not to crop the wallpaper is to rotate my phone 90° so that it’s easier to make the selection.

  • Saskaah

    Love it ! Waouw ! Thanks !

  • keeent

    @dhkx I’m sure it’s him. Check here:

    Just read the last comments.

  • bobbypink

    Love the uccw skin. nice work! however, i downloaded the .apk @vicky_buddie uploaded here…anyone know how to change to clock to 24 hours? uccw wont let me modify the skin…

  • keeent

    @all I uploaded a .uzip cause it was missing. You don’t have to use vicky_buddies .apk.
    I also uploaded an updated version of the wallpaper cause the old one wasn’t aligned properly.

  • keeent

    @bobbypink Use the uzip I uploaded and you won’t have any issues ;)

  • JimmyByron

    add. thanks for uploading.

  • djdessel

    I’m having serious issues with this one! I imported the u zip but when I try to import the background image it says it is beyond the width/height <=160000. What to do…

  • aimanfaeiz

    how to remove the text “gmail-select account and label”

  • baadewunmi

    Great job man! minimalistic yet very artistic. Loved it! Managed to PIMPED it on to my Nexus 4 :) Thanks a lot.

  • waaalph

    Hi! Can you send me tutorial about this one? I wanna try it on my s3 ^_^

  • waaalph

    image cannot be seen on my s3.. why?

  • xevile

    @keeent – Found which is the thief who stole your work. Already reported

    Btw Awesome skin!

  • rwfilho

    you should make a video

  • rwfilho

    i am trying but cant figure this out

  • xevile

    @rwfilho I can upload you a standalone uccw that I made using the Square design up there but only if Keeent gives me permission to do so.

  • efire

    When I download and open it in uccw, the uskin only has text, no diamond background. Where can I get that?

  • http:[email protected] iamsiddiqui

    how can i download this?

  • Gazella

    I can’t get the gmail notification to work, I get 3 dashes. I’ve added my gmail account but when I receive an email, it doesn’t get updated. Anyone know why?

  • Maks Maksimov

    Each of us is a small part of the big world (picture)

  • Mayobhav Vasistha

    Can you explain what you mean by “Replace gmail account and label with your data” and “turn hotspot mode on”
    Thank in advance :)

  • best posterman

    Nice one! Check also this out and very nice smile


  1. 1. Please check the description. The guide is there :)
Date Added: Friday, November 9th, 2012 at 2:42 am

Apex Launcher grid: 8×5
Set portrait grid: 8×5
Set horizontal & vertical margin: None
Set the wallpaper provided
Create a new UCCW widget 5×2
Use the uzip provided
Replace gmail account and label with your data
Resize the widget to 5×5
Turn hotspot mode ON
Enjoy :)