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  • Mujodroid

    very nice

  • dandylion

    @Mujodroid Thanks Mujo :)

  • garyarts

    hi dandy! what rom/theme are u using here?

  • dandylion
  • amalcns

    hi there,would u mind sharing the icons which you have used above???.tnx in advance,wonderful screen btw:)
    Amal cns

  • dandylion

    @amalcns Thanks, if you could give me a day or so I’ll upload the zip soon. :)

  • amalcns

    thank u,really appreciate it..;)

  • dandylion
  • micc117

    paranoid android never works for me…. I have the SGS3 and I also have issues with the modes you can switch to and I have to constantly reboot my phone :/ wish I could use it but oh well ill stick with my Stable build of CM10 :P

  • dandylion

    @micc117 really? That’s a shame, its perfectly stable on my S2, hope they get a more stable version for the S3 soon. Its the best ROM I’ve ever tried. :)

  • AbhixperianeoV

    @dandylion Awesome screen bud…..i cant find d icons u used so can u share it??

  • dandylion

    @amalcns @AbhixperianeoV and here are some colored tiles I had made
    Had posted the links a day or two back but that comment is awaiting moderation or something.

  • wespucci

    Thanks.Greetings from Turkey


  1. 1. Download launcher:
  2. 2. Download and apply whichever icons you need from here:
  3. 3. I'm using paranoidandroid ROM that allows for changing the color of the status bar. The color hex is 99173C
  4. 4. I'm running the launcher at 182 dpi; have turned off animations for smoother scrolling.
Date Added: Sunday, November 11th, 2012 at 11:51 pm

Trying out the new WP8 launcher. DA page: