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  • giannisj5

    my friend wallpaper please…

  • dgwood12

    Please share how you did this. Is it one of your screens on the far side that your phone jumps to when in the car?

  • johnnyfr03

    Excellent job! Totally amazing!

  • ritalin

    @giannisj5 @dgwood12
    Sorry guys, I had company stop buy right as I was posting this. I’ll give full details along with links to the PNGs and PSD for the layout. I also have another meant for VWs. I should have some time tomorrow at work.

  • ritalin

    Thanks Johnny, Im glad you liked it. I till likely end up in the infotainment system I have planned to mount in my E46’s dash.

  • dgwood12

    @ritalin Awesome! Looking forward to it!

  • ciaastek

    @_,@ Could you do something similiar with Audi’s or Opel’s? That’s amazing.

  • ritalin

    I could, but Im thinking of just putting up the PSD and letting people do their own.

  • giannisj5

    yes my friend, just upload the PSD

  • ciaastek

    But Opel and Audi have much different display styles. I’m trying to find good resolution of those displays (main menu for example) and try to make my own.

  • ritalin

    This is not based off of BMWs official UI. This is based off an Android powered headunit for the E46, its sold out of China.

    The UI and UX in the OEM BMW system is very spartan and direction based as it is not a touch display, instead controlled by a dial that also moves up,down,left,right.

    I could make you one that looks similar to the Audi system, which is much more touch friendly, even though its control setup is very similar to that of BMW’s. I do have to say that the Audi one is not very aesthetically pleasing. It reminds me of a digital version of the radios we use to see in US cars.

  • gheagz07


    Looks great…. please share the PSD file? Tnx:)

  • ritalin

    @giannisj5 @dgwood12 @johnnyfr03 @ciaastek @giannisj5 @gheagz07

    Description updated with link to PSD and other files.

  • gheagz07



  • User_Error

    Excellent – the multiple launchers thing is something I have come across.. I’m sure at some point we’ll have the separate profiles for homescreens, but perhaps 4.2 (plus some hacks to enable multiple user accounts on smartphones) will bring the ability to log out and into another user, specifically for the car, and then switch back…

    Hope you keep pushing this idea forward.

  • ritalin

    In fact, you can. This theme is no running on my Nexus 7, as I use that in my car more than my phone now.

    As of the 4.2 update the other day, I set up to profiles, one for normal, the other for car. It works perfectly for switching between multiple desktop launchers. There are some issues with the user accounts, but nothing that stops you from doing this. My biggest gripe is that the file system is separated per user account, it can make managing theme files a PITA.

  • VaiSync

    Great job , looks amazing .

  • AlienBunny

    This is great customization. These days, its hard to find such functional screen setups on mycolorscreen, instead they are plain eyecandy (with zero utility).
    This is surely gonna inspire me.

    Great work, really love it. Try making more screens to this setup (just a suggestion) :)


  • ritalin

    I am way ahead of you. :º)
    I already have several screens setup, such as Music, Video and weather.
    I have been on the look out for a Map Widget that I can bake into the 4th screen, but have yet to come across one. Its kind of surprising really that I cant find one on the market.
    I would have shown them off in the above post, but you cant change the display image once submitted.

    Be on the look out for a version2 as this is now running on my Nexus 7 in my car.

  • adurr

    @ritalin I like the idea of what you’re talking about, and i have actually been working on something similar. I think that profiles should be able to change with Tasker. I would love it if when I connect with my car’s bluetooth, a display similar to this would pop up, but when i’m at home, i’d like a different arrangement. Have you had any success with setting up something similar to this? I have been searching around with little luck. I have found an app that is capable of switching profiles, but require the phone to restart for these to take place.

  • ritalin

    I have this running on my Nexus 7 now that just got the 4.2 update. I can setup multiple profiles and they dont need to restart to take advantage of them yet. As I said Im just waiting on Tasker to update to take advantage of the Profiles that are now part of the OS.

    Even though its not automated right now, its still not bad as you have access to the profiles at the lock screen, so its just a matter of clicking on the right profile depending on my situation. Automated will be better, but this works for now.

  • AlienBunny

    Umm.. The site seems to be giving me an error. I made a few setups which I wanted to show you, it doesn’t accept the landscape thing and more than 5 screens, moreover, only 3 are uploaded correctly :-/

    Still, I’d say you’re good. Well done!

  • ritalin


    Yes this site has some limitations that I wish they would resolve, but oh well.

    To get the landscape shots you need to choose to upload your images without a phone template from the site as those only show portrait as you know. I use a template I have and created the shot above in photoshop.
    Here is the PSD
    Just double click on the thumbnail for the “Display Image” Smart Object, in the layers list, click “OK” to the popup and when the Smart Object psd opens up, paste in your screen capture of your theme. Then click File>Save and close the Smart object psd, you will now see your screenshot perfectly centered in the template for the phone.

  • protocall

    how do I get the icons to stop snapping to grid or at least show the grid.

  • dandi771

    amazing work!
    Im trying to do it to my nexus 7 fhd that i would like to put in the car, can’t find the icons with text that you are using, where can i find theme?


Date Added: Monday, November 12th, 2012 at 2:58 am

A simple homescreen set to auto open when my phone detects my cars bluetooth connection.
I wanted something a little bit more on the order of a 10 foot interface for easy access.
There are some disadvantages to this, based on the shortcoming of what is capable of being done in Tasker. At present I can set the phone to launch ADW-EX which contains this layout, when my cars BT connects to it and then launch APEX when it disconnects. This all works flawlessly. The downside is that I can not tell Tasker to set either or the two as the default launcher.
So hitting home on either of these two launchers will bring up the choice of a launcher, adding an extra step to what should be an easy to navigate interface.
You can of course use the back key and avoid the home button in most cases, but it is required every so often.
More to come
Here is a link to the drobbox folder containing all of the needed files, plus a few other car brands I have been requested to do.
PS – Are there any Android Dev’s in the audience. I would love to collaborate on an actual app for this, I have some ideas, that I have yet to see accomplished in the market.