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  • drunknmunky812

    Great job sasa408! I would love to put this on my note when it is ready and show it to my son.

  • sasa408

    Link to files added to description.

  • drunknmunky812

    Thanks sasa408! he loves it and tried to keep my phone. lol!

  • sasa408

    LOL That’s funny. Glad you and your son likes it!

  • justo316

    what app are you using for the system stats in the notification bar area?

  • sasa408

    app called Cool Tool

  • rohail6


  • sasa408

    Thanks :^)

  • sipher6

    i like it …thanks sasa408

  • sasa408

    yw, glad you like it

  • wicak21

    i love it
    can i get the tutorial
    im going to try it in another device :v

  • sasa408

    Download the files in the description. Wallpaper will not properly fit your device, just crop and fit as much as you can when applying. Import uccw uzip files and add them to your home screen. For help with uccw watch the video in the play store. Use simple text app for text icons you see at the top. Apex settings: 9×7 no margins, single screen (no scrolling), portrait only & hide dock.

  • Eline

    Can you tell me what calendar you’re using?

  • sasa408

    Android pro widgets, Recto theme

Date Added: Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 at 9:38 am

Galaxy Note
Inspired by Little Big Planet