Custom Wallpaper


beautiful homescreens


to build your own


  1. 1. decide what pages you need on your phone and what apps you want represented
  2. 2. get comic life, the app
  3. 3. find photos you want
  4. 4. add filters and whatever you want through GIMP, etc, and put them in comic life
  5. 5. copy and paste them into Comic Life
  6. 6. export to phone, and use multipicture live wallpaper to set up each homescreen
  7. 7. use desktop visualizer w/ blank widgets over each panel. you can also set up folders like i did.
  8. 8. use ultimate custom clock widget to set up the "messages unread," etc.
  9. 9. be creative and enjoy!
Date Added: Thursday, November 15th, 2012 at 12:16 am

Hey, welcome to my Comic Theme! It’s based off of Melissa Pug’s totally ingenious comic theme. (
I used her ideas and made it my own. Hope it looks good!

Every screen is a totally functional homescreen. All the panels are huge icons that can be pressed to reveal an app or a Folder Organizer folder.

All pictures are things i found on the internet. I trimmed them, added motion/speed lines, newsprint backgrounds, or rays, made in GIMP or INKSCAPE. Then I comic-fied them, most of them. VERY time consuming, however, totally worth it and fun.

and, yes, i blurred some pics on purpose, but they’re normal on my phone.

and i don’t own any of the characters pictured, this is a tribute to those awesome guys.

Here’re the details…

Screen 1– Wolverine is telling me the details of my texts, phone, emails, etc. It’s a tasker/minimalistic text collaboration. Works pretty well! (the texts setting needs tweaking) Then you see the battery meter, and then the radio is telling me the weather for today and tomorrow. if you press on it, it reads the weather out loud. right below the text is a hidden icon that allows me to access my Weather app, allowing me to see the 5 day forecast.

Screen 2– the 1st bubble allows me to see upcoming events, thanks to Minimalistic Text’s new update. THe calendar entries work seamlessly now. Click on it, you get a shortcut to Jorte.
There’s a time shortcut w/ the text, then the 3 icons below are self explanatory. Blank icons and SMS unread allows me to see the unread counts, although there was a bug in the gmail unread which didn’t let me use it… instead, it’s a link to k9.

Screen 3– the only picture i didn’t need to create a background for. I found that one online, although i did add a filter to it. the time machine leads me to my location apps.
Soundwave is an icon that shows me my multimedia apps. The text bubble player is done w/ Mort music player, and its widget. Spiderman, is, of course, well, if you don’t get the joke, you don’t deserve to know

Screen 4– we have my Social Apps, “Fun” apps, Games, Cameras, and Pulse news reader.

Screen 5– Finally, I used 1×1 Widgetsoid Switchers for the settings. Some of them are stretched to fit right, etc. clicking them is tough, they are 1×1, so some are larger to help w/ the clicking. naruto is my sports apps, Rex is tools, Bible, Shopping, Google, and Utilities.

All in all, i am VERY VERY VERY happy with this! I think it looks great, is very functional, and is something unique.

Hope you guys get inspired!

(original deviantart site is here…