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red autumn Android Homescreen by oddspec - MyColorscreen
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  • joshrpr

    Awesome job! Background and widgets really work well together

  • oddspec

    @joshpr ty was feeling a red screen to much blue these days

  • oddspec

    Icons r made by me based on BBB small whites come in three colors ATM u can find em here
    [Collection] ICON SETS | Over *750* different Icon Packs [INDEX on 2nd post]

  • Gabryxzx

    Sorry, can you post a tutorial? I love it!

  • oddspec

    @Gabryxzx tut added for let me know if u have any issues

  • Gabryxzx

    Thank you man, and when can i find the wallpaper? EDIT: I found it!

  • Gabryxzx

    The download link for the uccw is incomplete, thank you man :)

  • oddspec
  • oddspec

    @Gabryxzx try that one plz

  • Gabryxzx

    He says that the file is not available :(

  • oddspec

    @Gabryxzx sorry not internet in my PC hard to upload shootbme a email and I’ll send it to you if that’s OK sorry about this

  • Gabryxzx

    I’ve just sent you an email, thank you for every thing :)


  1. 1. nova launcher with dock hidden 9x5 grid
  2. 3. i used 3 icons phone app drawer and messaging
  3. 4. uccw5x1 download here
Date Added: Friday, November 16th, 2012 at 9:36 am

Any questions just ask mite post a tut if enough ask or I get a bunch of love to low on data plan to tempt it ATM