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  • maasonline

    Very Nice….love the colors…..and the uccw is fantastic…

  • footsteps88

    Love it could you post the uzips please x

  • keeent

    @maasonline Thank you :)
    @footsteps88 I updated the description. You can find it there ;)

  • broad_st_bully

    ridiculous! love it.

  • keeent

    @broad_st_bully Thanks! :)

  • leowu4ever


  • keeent
  • Arcaziel

    Very lovely!

  • keeent

    @Arcaziel Thank you :D

  • alabrand

    Can you tell me how to install this with UCCW? I don’t really know how to use UCCW that well.

  • footsteps88

    thanks x

  • footsteps88

    @alabrand. i move the file to ultimate custom clock widget on my internal card….add widget…import uzip..go to the folder and file and click it….if you need anymore help let me know and il take some screenshots. hth x

Date Added: Saturday, November 17th, 2012 at 6:00 pm

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