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  • footsteps88

    Would you mind posting the uzips you used please? Xxx

  • eventhorizon

    @footsteps88 The “Battery Bar UCCW” link in the screenshot has the only UCCW uzip I used.

  • footsteps88

    Huge thank you x


  1. 1. Apply Apex settings from the description
  2. 3. Add 4x1 Eye In Sky Weather widget (set the background to transparent)
  3. 4. Add the two 2x1 Minimalistic Text widgets (clock and date/temp, both with transparent background)
  4. 5. Add the UCCW battery bar as a 4x1 widget, and place it above the clock
  5. 10. Resize the widget so that it overlaps all of the other other widgets
  6. 11. Revel in your phone's new awesome homescreen!
Date Added: Sunday, November 18th, 2012 at 2:37 am

The trend of grouping widgets and icons at the bottom of the screen, while showcasing a static picture in the top half inspired this creation.
I’m using one the stock wallpapers from from 4.2 (I got it from DroidPapers) I’m using Apex Launcher Pro, and all of the widgets should be tagged in the screenshot. The rightmost icon is a folder with my most commonly used apps. I used “Roboto Thin” as the font for the Minimalistic Text widgets. The green bar is UCCW battery bar widget.
Apex settings:
Grid: 7×4
Horizontal margin: medium
Vertical margin: none
Hide notification bar enabled
Hide icon labels enabled
Swipe down: show notifications
Swipe up: show app drawer
Resize any widget enabled
Overlapping widgets enabled
Feel free to ask any questions!