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  • erguillermin

    it’s wonderful … a vote

  • johnnyfr03

    Loving your work more and more!!

  • vallarellas

    @erguillermin @johnnyfr03
    Thank you VERY much! guys..

  • klodix



  1. 1. Nova launcher 7x7 no dock, NO margins, no status bar.
  2. 2. Multi picture live: set wallpaper (1,2,)
  3. 3. Set icons (Phone, music, email, etc..) with trasparent image.
  4. 4. add UCCW skin (available soon..) and the other widget.
Date Added: Sunday, November 18th, 2012 at 12:06 pm

(z o o m pls) …
Simple and clean with everything that I need ..