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Screen Of the Day on 11/19/2012
  • sipher6

    i like it

  • footsteps88

    I love the weather and missed calls etc. Gather its uccw, when possible could you post the uzips please x

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 11/19/12

  • Danut

    @Peachanan thanks peach!

  • Dadaepo

    awesome!! I love this screens

  • livarot

    This is brilliant! I need steps. As soon as you can : )
    Zdjęcia z polskich lasów? : )

  • TkaBrake

    LOVE IT!!
    I will exercise my Patience :-)

  • Danut

    @Dadaepo Thx
    @livarot Steps added and details too, Nie wiem :P to nie ja je robiłem ;)
    @TkaBrake all added at 9:51 PM

  • styx

    Do you mind telling me the cm10 theme?

  • jquest68

    I’ve been trying this but the wallpaper app I just don’t get it. I’m using Holo Launcher because I have a Thunderbolt and won’t except Apex launcher (not compatible) but I pick your wallpaper and its not showing up. I would love to use this set up on my phone but don’t know how.

  • Danut

    @styx CM 10 Outline ;)
    @jquest68 Wallpaper mode: Single screen (non-scrolling) in Apex Launcher, you can make it the same in Launcher Pro or ADW Launcher if I remember, try to find it.
    1.Download MultiPicture Live Wallpaper and install it. 2. Go to the desktop > menu > wallpaper > live wallpapers > MultiPicture Live Wallpaper > settings > Screen 1 settings > Picture source > picture folder > find folder with downloaded wallpapers (from here:!nature/c21kz). 3.Done, you change wallpaper.

  • Slider5000

    very nice tutorial and homescreen :)
    but if i choose 9×7 portrait, it doesn´t work like on your picture…
    i choose a transparent background for weather etc. now,so it looks better, else it doesn’t sit right. but the search box is wrong.
    do you know why?

  • iMilord

    how to change location on weather widget?

  • jquest68

    I got it, I put a different rom and did the step by step it worked great but now the weather is out of wack. the text are over lapping each other. So I’m using a different weather app. I don’t want to use the RSS is there a calendar that can fit that size of space? In uccw there’s no 5×7 so Im using 4×2 widgets

  • jquest68

    P.S: how do I change or activate the clock? I want to use the missed calls, msgn, gmail but when I tap on it it goes to the uccw settings. How do I change it to go to those apps?

  • sandfreak

    @jquest68 need to open up uccw settings and turn hotspot mode on.

  • sandfreak

    This screen is beautiful, i love how you can swipe the widgets, but the wallpaper stays as is. Well done.

  • Sets

    How can I change the pictures?

  • rogue3

    Beautiful work! Can you post the PSD for one of the wallpapers? Instead of having separate walls for each screen, I want to have just one bg image but still use the bottom overlay. Thanks!

  • JorgeIvan

    How i make the calls button to work?

  • Danut

    @Sets using MultiPicture Live Wallpaper
    @rogue3 Sorry. I did it in GIMP.
    @JorgeIvan using UCCW

  • Sandman007

    The clock widget is like a quarter of an inch too far up. In other words the is a small gap at the bottom. How can I fix this? Is it because I have a Galaxy nexus which has on screen buttons (Softkeys)?

  • Milamber

    The widgets overlap and there is no UCCW 7×4 option… also the weather text is overlapping and the Google bar and tablet app launcher is not aligned as your screenshot. :(



  1. 1. Tutorial available here: DroidScreens
Date Added: Monday, November 19th, 2012 at 6:21 am

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