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  • mathewrice

    nice wallpaper and uccw widget

  • phoenixwave

    Can’t wait for you to upload this UCCW theme! PLEASE PLEASE

  • keeent

    @mathewrice Thank you :D
    @phoenixwave You can find the uzip in the description. ;)

  • mathewrice

    Could you link us to the wallpaper source please?
    I’m on a GS3 and would love to put that wallpaper on my device in full resolution and without the embedded uccw template.

  • keeent

    @mathewrice Its resolution is 800×800 which is lower than GS3 resolution :/
    Anyway here’s the link:

  • mathewrice

    Thanks for linking me to the original.
    That’s too bad that it’s not available in a higher res.
    Oh well :-p
    Thanks again!

  • keeent

    @mathewrice You’re welcome. I updated the description with a link to the photograher’s gallery where you can find many other great photos he has taken. ;)

  • seemonez

    hi there, i just tried putting this on but all I get it the time, and the date in those letters but I don’t know how to adjust the gmail, text, etc. I also do not have the shapes…

  • keeent

    @seemonez The icons (shapes) are not included on the uzip. They’re part of the wallpaper. In order for gmail to work you need to do the following: “Select Object” – “Gmail1″, swipe to “Controls #4″, set “Account” to your account ([email protected]) and “Label” to “Inbox”. Text and calls should work fine. I have also created some hotspots in the uccw. If you want to use them you have to turn “Hotspots mode – ON”

  • spekchrome

    love ur UCCW skin! b’coz of that i’am in to UCCW! ;)

Date Added: Tuesday, November 20th, 2012 at 3:49 am

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Wallpaper by Matthias Heiderich: