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  • xNiikk

    Nice! :D

  • garyarts
  • vallarellas

    I Like IT!!!….

  • garyarts
  • amalcns

    woah! that is sick!!!
    do share everything ASAP
    Amal cns

  • mdjurov

    Nice setup,GaRyArTs!So elegant and different.+1

  • garyarts

    @amalcns thanks and already done:-)

  • garyarts

    @mdjurov thanks, good to hear people like unconventional layouts

  • NeoTeamPassion

    This looks FaNtAsTiC!

  • garyarts

    @NeoTeamPassion like the way you write it:-) thanks, man, it’s kind!


  1. 1. See description, if you have a question, ask it then
Date Added: Tuesday, November 20th, 2012 at 2:29 am

Paper Crafted. Zoom!
Apex grid: 9×7
Apex settings (pro): no margins, dock and statusbar are disabled, one screen non-scrolling wallpaper (use Quickpic) and overlapping widgets.
Uccw widget is 5×1, needed to be resized to fit correctly. Center icon opens a favorites folder. Wall, icons and uccw top bar: