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  • johnnyfr03

    Oh so nice! Please share!

  • ronnex

    Yes, what johnny said. I would love to have that notification UCCW widget.

  • albertito04

    @johnnyfr03 @ronnex Thanks for answering! :) This afternoon when i arrive to home i will upload the .uzip files and all the things that you need to have this HS :)

  • albertito04
  • bobbypink

    Really nice!! im grabbing the files :p

  • albertito04

    @bobbypink thanks!! The files are all yours :-)

  • Coookiee

    Hey, I like your work and I was on the way to use your uccw skins but I just big white squares… Any idea why?

    Anyway, good job!

  • albertito04

    @Coookiee Try to redownload the files and try to import one more time. :)

  • Coookiee

    I already tried, I also updated UCCW but it didn’t solved the problem, skins are empty. It may be an issue with my phone… I really don’t know. Thansk anyway :)

  • albertito04

    @Coookiee Try to restart your phone. That can solve the problem :)

  • thesupersoap

    How do I use the app drawer button? On UCCW that hotspot isn’t assigned and I don’t see an option to open the app drawer on there.

  • albertito04

    @thesupersoap You have to set a shortcut to your appdrawer, and change the image shortcut with a blank image. Then you have to resize the UCCW widget over the shortcut and thats all :)

  • thesupersoap

    @albertito04 Got it. What a shame uccw doesn’t have that feature built in. Thanks for this awesome setup!

  • flwngmedia

    How do you put an widget over the shortcut?

  • albertito04

    @flwngmedia Resizing the widget over the shortcut :)

  • stahlmantel

    thanks for this awesome inspiration! got my first android device days ago and love to play/train with your setup :)

  • ash0_9

    This is great. I needed something to add to my screen this is perfect….
    Thank you

  • albertito04

    @ash0_9 Thanks! ^^

Date Added: Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 at 6:55 am

APEX Launcher 9×5
Horizontal and vertical margin: Medium
No Dock
This is my first screen. I wish you like it. The theme that im using is a theme made by me. The Dock is a UCCW based on Clear Dock (I cant remember the name of the autor) The others UCCW was made by me.