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  • mdjurov

    Nice setup!Can you share the UCCW clock and button icon,please?+1 from me

  • eefo

    Thanks mate! :)
    I haven’t got access to my laptop at the moment, will upload in next hour definitely :)

  • eefo

    @mdjurov link to the files added in description

  • sipher6

    i like it

  • eefo

    @mario Much Appreciated mate :)

  • Dr_Doom

    Very nice !!

  • eefo

    @Dr_Doom Thank you :)

  • vallarellas

    Good Job Man!!!

  • eefo

    @vallarellas Appreciated mate :)

Date Added: Friday, November 23rd, 2012 at 11:11 am

UCCW logo look alike clock.
but is it too simple? :$

Uccw and icon: