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  • NEBeek

    Nice presentation

  • Personalizado93

    Thanks NEBeek (:

  • ollemolle

    @Alex Hey! Could you share wallpaper, all files needed to make this awesome homescreen

  • blackbearblanc

    Good looking! My clock?

  • Personalizado93

    Thanks Jeppe Foldager, and clear is your watch, this very well, as I taste combined with the black background, I really like your works, thanks for the watch. (:

  • madtrexx

    bad link to wallpaper ;/

  • Personalizado93
  • colomob

    how can i install the UCCW Bar? I’m new to this, so any help?

  • VaiSync

    WOW .
    beautiful .
    check mine .

  • Sandman007

    What are your grid sizes and margin sizes for your Launcher?

  • Sandman007

    Also can we have the UCCW bar for the Phone, SMS, Net

    Edit: NVM

  • pitoko

    Nice Work!

  • Tian


  • Personalizado93

    Sandman, 8 x 5 in apex launcher.
    Thanks @Tian and @pitoko

  • Elegant_tech

    Awesome work as always!


  • Personalizado93

    Thanks @Randy, I’m glad you like (:

  • kartik_patil17

    which phone is dis??

Date Added: Sunday, November 25th, 2012 at 1:21 am

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