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  • ALeX100

    Can you give me the WidgetLocker theme files? ;)
    P.S.:Nice concept ;)

  • SuperChristian
  • Soarer

    very good)
    and maybe you share battery and time skins too?)

  • SuperChristian

    @Soarer I’ll share that tomorrow, it still needs some optimization work ;-)

  • SuperChristian
  • umberla

    @Christian what phone do you have? Becouse its nearly impossible to do it on my samsung galaxy s2. Thanks!

  • SuperChristian

    @umberla I have a Galaxy S2, too. What’s your problem, maybe I can help you?

  • gribnoi_pilot

    The link of WidgetLocker theme has crashed :(

  • SuperChristian

    @gribnoi_pilot You can only download it with your computer, doesn´t work on phones, sorry for that

  • Soarer

    amazing )
    very creative theme
    will do it on my phone tonight)

  • pauletakk

    Funny and useful too, good work! :)

  • SuperChristian

    Thank you guys :-)

  • umberla

    @Christian My problem is that i cant get those uccw get in line the size they have to be… pluss how did you manage that mustache, im new to widgetlocker and dont know how to use those wl files…

  • SuperChristian

    @umberla To get the UCCW skins in the right position and size you have to turn on “overlapping widgets” in Widgetlocker and your grid layout has to be 10 x 10 without those greyish slider things. To get the mustache to your Widgetlocker you have to place it in the right folder. On your internal SD Card there should be a folder named “data” inside there should be another folder named “com.teslacoilsw.widgetlocker”. Now there should be a folder named “themes”. Now put the “” in there and now the mustache theme should show up when you want to add a new slider in Widgetlocker tool mode. Hope I could help you :-)

  • umberla

    @Christian Thanks a lot i get everything running now.. and love the way it looks.. thanks!

  • SuperChristian

    @umberla Thank you man, no problem :-)

  • spidey88

    Hi,tried to apply this on nexus 7 but didnt manage to align the uccw clock n battery..any advise on that? Anyway its a very cool lockscreen

  • spidey88

    Solved after few times of trying :)

  • SuperChristian

    @spidey88 Alright, thank you :-)

  • fcbfan2k

    haha…a few weeks ago I did a similar theme called Widget Man check it out:

  • ballp

    sorry… so crazy!!! I try put it on my Xperia S. Greatest work!!! ;)

  • iNeedICS

    @SuperChristian i cant seem to get it working it keeps on showing the default android slider. :/ but this is amazing lol i really want it!!

  • MoeAlani
  • MoeAlani

    Can anybody send me a video on how to do this?

  • SuperChristian

    @iNeedICS Did you download the and put it in the correct folder?

  • SuperChristian

    Since I´ve read that many of you guys had problems to set up the wallpaper and the widgets properly fitting I could handle it at least to make the wallpaper and widgets specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 so that you don´t need to mess around with the wallpaper and widgets and try it out a thousand times until it fits. So here you go guys ;-)
    Galaxy S2:
    Galaxy S3:

  • Danaey

    Can you please tell me how I add the mustache as a theme in widgetlocker?
    Nice idea, i love it!

  • SuperChristian

    @Danaey Thank you very much :-)
    It´s fairly simple. On your internal SD Card there should be a folder named “data” inside there should be another folder named “com.teslacoilsw.widgetlocker”. Now there should be a third folder named “themes”. Put the “” in there and now the mustache theme should show up when you want to add a new slider in Widgetlocker tool mode. If you have got more questions feel free to ask :-)

  • timo_91

    If someone can post a video on how we can do that magnificent lock screen it would be more than great

  • timo_91

    I have done it ! WoW … successfully on my Note II … just want to thank the artist who create it

  • giGant

    I cannot size the Wallpaper correctly. Please help! A little edge is out of the screen. I’ve a N4.

  • sepehrbeckham

    I can’t fix the battery and clock near together . I ticked Widget Overlap too but still I can’t fix them.
    I have a Galaxy Note II :(

  • SuperChristian

    @sepehrbeckham the note 2 has a pretty wide screen so you might have to edit the skins in uccw, just open them in uccw, select common controls there and move everything to the proper position ;-)

  • prashant

    where do you get the slider from? I cant find the link.

    *Edit*: By the slider, I mean the mustache

  • SuperChristian

    @prashant Look in the description, everything should be linked there. The slider or mustache is the one called “”. I hope I could help you (:

  • http:[email protected] mogirdor

    can i change the time to 12 hour format?

  • SuperChristian

    @mogirdor Of course you can (:

  • Violette

    Hi, great design! What font are you using for your time/battery?

  • SuperChristian

    @Violette Sorry, I really don’t remember :/

  • http:[email protected] lazyb0ne
  • Miigz

    @SuperChristian Sir, link for widgets and wallpapers are broken. :( hope for fix

  • http:[email protected] konaman

    I have the battery and clock widget. Where can I get just the mustache?

  • Mauro000

    I have had this lockscreen for a while and its awesome!Unfortunately some time ago i clicked some stuff and deleted some of the configuration..been tryin to do it again but im missing the mustache file!! any chance you have it ?


Date Added: Sunday, November 25th, 2012 at 12:40 am

Do it like a Sir, slide down the mustache to unlock!

Widgets and wallpaper for Samsung Galaxy S2:

Widgets and wallpaper for Samsung Galaxy S3: