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Screen Of the Day on 11/27/2012
  • vallarellas

    The fonts used are: jasper-daniels.ttf – lynchburg-script.ttf – motlow-caps.ttf
    ( available soon…)

  • Tricknote

    Very nice indeed

  • vallarellas

    @Tricknote Thank you!

  • semati

    Wow! what a fantastic setup :) CHEERS!!!

  • vallarellas

    @semati Thank you!!

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 11/27/12

  • vallarellas

    THANK YOU!!!! I’m really happy!

  • denroza

    Lovely! Nice work there @vallarellas

  • vallarellas

    Thank You!!

  • garyarts

    well themed!

  • fukumin

    It is great!

  • semati

    Congrats man!!!

  • dennism1997

    can you share the uccw setup file please?

  • zio

    che spettacolo!
    veramente un bellissimo lavoro!

  • vallarellas
  • vallarellas

    @dennism1997 @dennism1997 Of course, as soon as the site DropBox to work again … at this time seems locked .. hello.

  • vallarellas
  • aquariuzism

    @vallarellas Nice! Let’s drink to that! :)

  • casper05lly

    Great job! Will the wallpapers be available for this theme

  • fashionon

    Great job!

  • vallarellas

    @casper05lly @casper05lly The wallpapers are available … look better, “view more” on the right …
    Thank you very much.

  • vallarellas

    Here you can find the icons on the Lock screen:
    IMPORTANT Use only with blacks wallpapers (I have not proceeded to refine them).
    Thank you all!

  • casper05lly


  • shylohmonster

    Freakin’ awesome! I love the creativity you display in this screen shot. Sadly, Jack and I can no longer be friends. I’ve had to move on to my new friend Jameson!

  • benrowe5

    Absolutely love this and so will all my friends thank you :) are the fonts available yet though please…?? :/

  • vallarellas

    Thank you! sure you can find the font here :)

  • mfg213

    haha. wonderful. love it.

  • DarthHomer

    Mmmmm. i remember the nights we shared, but could do w/o the mornings.
    Oh, poor Michael Anthony……
    If he was still with VanHalen he would rock this on stage w/his
    Jack Daniels bass guitar. Great job Man, I love this!!!!

  • grubi28

    AWESOME !!!

  • Sin4Life

    how did you add th@t clock to the lock screen.
    sorry if i sound dumb I’m a noob to this.
    also, this is real nice.I’m a jack man myself and when i saw this it was a must have.

  • AT428HK

    one of my favorites!

  • vallarellas

    @mfg213 @grubi28 @Sin4Life @AT428HK
    Thank you very much guys! it is nice to receive praise from people in every part the world!
    vallarellas —-> Italy.

  • vallarellas

    You must go to settings and make WidgetLocker long tap on the screen and then select the widget you want .. I hope I was helpful ..

  • dennism1997

    How do you use the uccw files? it seems that i can only open .uzip files….

  • levlylevy

    How do you hide the status bar and margins

  • signinfailed

    Makes me want to pour out the bottle of Makers Mark……

  • androto

    awesome idea!

  • Edinho

    vallarellas congratulations on the theme, make a tutorial and well explained post here, very good work congratulations …

  • coachmiley

    Can you post how you get the fonts to be seen in UCCW and how you get WL to accept the whole wallpaper, please. its such a great piece of work and I just can’t get these settings to work, thanks!!!

  • stevedoetsch

    These are my favorite homepages; where the info is artistically integrated with the background. Excellent job!

  • Naspresso

    This is Awesome ! LOVE IT !

  • blue0knight

    wow..i love jack daniels..and i surely love to have this as my homescreen..this awesome, bud!!!

  • klodix

    wonderful one..

  • xmehrx

    Really amazing screen, but UCCW files dont seem to work :(

  • Tecknoe

    Me too! :( UCCW appears to be in .txt file when downloaded from Dropbox. Is it because im not logged in? Im curious. JD is my fave drink! This is really a great job @vallarellas

  • JoAnn77PL

    Same here – UCCWs are not seen by UCCW app. It seems they don’t change into .uzips:(

  • JoAnn77PL

    My bad! They work just fine :)

  • sweettony20

    I don’t know how to find JACK HOME & Jack Lock?? Pls tell step by step

  • JDMan069

    How do I get this set-up?

  • boylespaul1989


  • Ruud

    I have donwloaded every file here from dropbox put them in a folder on the phone, but I have no clue how to proceed here now to get this fantastic work appearing like it should be, anyone that can help me, please????

  • francomur99

    Beautiful!…advertising and art into a great theme, so cool! +1


  1. 1. Nova launcher 7x7 no dock, NO margins, no status bar.
  2. 2. Multi picture live: set wallpaper (JACK HOME - JACK DX)
  3. 3. Add UCCW widget.
  4. 4. Set WidgetLocker with JACK-LOCK Wallpaper and the custom icon ( available soon...)
Date Added: Monday, November 26th, 2012 at 10:10 pm

(z o o m pls!)
Dedicated to one of the most beautiful, harmonious and cool labels …
Jack Daniel’s.

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