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Screen Of the Day on 11/28/2012
  • mcdark

    How to download this ,Where shoud I click ? Somebody help me …@sasa408

  • spickett123

    Wow beautiful work!! Would you possibly share your wallpaper? Gorgeous!

  • sasa408

    Wall files added to description.

  • sasa408

    Thank you! Wall files added to description.

  • netimen

    And what app do you use to display the CPU and RAM info in the status bar?

  • sasa408

    app: Cool Tool

  • netimen

    @sasa408 thanks!

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 11/29/12

  • sasa408

    Awsome, Thanks!! :^)

  • davidk

    very beautiful work!

  • sasa408

    Thank you :^)

  • Marius

    Am i the only one finding your zip file empty? I’d love the wallpaper and the icons too! It’s wonderful

  • sasa408

    Just tested the download link and its fine.

  • matt_t08

    very nice, finding it difficult to link the icons with the wallpaper on my samsung galaxy s3… any ideas?

  • davidk

    dl works fine!

  • sasa408

    Your phone is at a different resolution from mine so alignment will be off. Just edit the UCCW file till you get it to fit. in uccw turn “hotspot mode” to off. From your main screen touch the uccw widget and it should take you into uccw. Edit every item till alignment is to your liking. Save skin and turn “hotspot” mode to on.

  • kaishi

    The download isn’t working for me for some reason, it’s also showing up as an empty zip file for me…

    nvm, downloading it on my phone worked. what’s weird is i have a galaxy note also, but i can’t get it to look like that, mainly the grid isn’t in the right place. and can’t get cool tools to take up 2 lines in the status bar making it bigger.

  • sasa408

    Try downloading on a pc.

  • kaishi

    I also can’t get the simple text icons to work correctly, man i suck at this.

  • sasa408

    Here is the simple text style I used for this setup:
    Place this file in sdcard/simpletext/styles. You will see it when you open the app.

    Your grid issue: make sure you use the apex settings in the description. If you don’t use Apex launcher, all I can say is play with settings till you get the best result.

    Now for Cool Tool: There are way too many settings to post here. You will just need to keep playing with it to get familiar with the app. My setup is not using 2 rows, in main setting make sure its set to 1 row. Also use snap to edges, auto resize window & text tabulation under advanced tab.

  • kaishi

    Hello sasa, one final question, can you let me know what font that is that you used for the text “phone, email” etc?

  • sasa408
  • Gorcyn

    Really nice!
    Gotta a question: Can you share your Simple Calendar Widget theme from the first screen?

  • sasa408

    Skin used: Simi multiple events.
    Under Appearance settings select “Calendar color bullet” and at the bottom “Month” select none.
    Font color used 96A1A2

  • pratikvyas72

    does it work with S3??

  • LuisOliverio

    The .zip file is empty when I donwload it.

Date Added: Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 at 1:43 pm

Galaxy Note
Zoom In!!

Wall files:

Apex launcher: 9×7 no margins, no dock and single screen non scroll.