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  • garyarts

    nice and clean 4.2.1 theme:-)

  • xNiikk

    @garyarts Thanks! :)

  • bradenfontaine

    @xNiikk what are you using for your icons?

  • xNiikk

    @bradenfontaine Desktop VIsualizer with a blank png.

  • mv_style

    i love this :D
    i got awesome insparation for my homescreen :)

  • xNiikk

    @mv_style Thanks!

  • AT428HK

    love it! gonna replicate to my phone!

  • xNiikk

    @AT428HK Thanks :)

  • thomp89

    awesome :P

  • alimp

    How do I get this to my phone? Which icons? Where do I download?

  • xNiikk

    @alimp Everything you need is right there in the description!

  • Tiggarenstal

    How do I apply this? With widgetlocker? Which gridsize?

    Do you make each tile as an image and then do an desktop vis. widget for each one? If so which 0x0?

    An tutorial for us newbies would be great! Thanks!

Date Added: Thursday, November 29th, 2012 at 10:08 am

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