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Curcuna Android Homescreen by semati - MyColorscreen
Custom Wallpaper


beautiful homescreens


to build your own
  • http://mycolorscreen.com/sasa408 sasa408

    Very nice!!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati

    @sasa408 Thanks!!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/Cadreic Cadreic

    Nice one, really like the Icons & Font.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/daily_driver daily_driver

    Looks fun.

    Hope you make “Screen of the Day!”

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/ggamang ggamang

    very good!!!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/spickett123 spickett123

    So colorful!! Beautiful!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/vallarellas vallarellas

    Very good!!! I like it!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/amalcns amalcns

    can u share???Btw really nice screen!!:)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati
  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati

    @daily_driver @amalcns Thank you! details & sharing soon…

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/VaiSync VaiSync

    Very nice screen. would glad if you share wallpaper.
    Check mine .

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/daBozz daBozz

    very nice!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati
  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati

    @daBozz Thanks!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/ehubb ehubb

    I almost bought that WordPress theme last month! Great use of it! Not too fond of the photo but everything else looks pretty good!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/pitoko pitoko

    Wow, gran work!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati

    @ehubb @pitoko Thank you.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/mannyxxx mannyxxx


  • http://mycolorscreen.com/daily_driver daily_driver

    @semati You’re welcome, thanks for sharing. \(^_^)/

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/MarcoJHB MarcoJHB

    @semati Hey man this screen is amazing! May I make a video tutorial for you to make it easier for other people to recreate? It will also be placed on the Official MyColorScreen YouTube channel…

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati
  • http://mycolorscreen.com/MarcoJHB MarcoJHB

    Awesome! Here is the Video Tutorial for this screen :)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati

    @MarcoJHB WOW!!! Thank you very much man! this is a great video tutorial :))

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/jwoytk01 jwoytk01

    Love it! But on my GS3 it doesn’t seem to line up. I’ve got the settings correct in Nova. Any ideas?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati

    @jwoytk01 Thanks! you need to re-edit size of the wallpaper for your S3

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/nodicaL nodicaL

    Hey Semati, would it possible for you to post an HD version of the wallpaper for us S3 / Note 2 users, or a PSD so we can change it ourself?

    Great Home screen!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/dizzyd718 dizzyd718

    @semati @jwoytk01
    How do you resize for the galaxy s3 because i have the same issue lining pics up for the tutorials

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati

    @nodicaL Thanks! I added the PSD file.Read the description please.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/mgwhit72 mgwhit72

    How do I get the wallpaper to download?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati
  • http://mycolorscreen.com/nodicaL nodicaL

    @semati Thank you very much Semati!
    I’ve adjusted the PSD and have it working perfectly with my Galaxy Note 2!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati

    @nodicaL Glad to hear that :) Enjoy!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/BasisW BasisW

    Is there a difference with the wallpaper for the S3 because it comes out over sized and it ruins the whole theme also for the uccw widget how do you get it to show the current weather, thanks!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/santoshvk santoshvk

    How can i adjust the PSD to match my Galaxy Note 2

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/santoshvk santoshvk

    Amazing home screen I must say :)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/jds0912 jds0912

    Background does not fit my n4. Any thoughts?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati

    @jds0912 @santoshvk @BasisW you need to resize the wallpaper for your devices.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati

    @santoshvk Thanks!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati

    @BasisW @santoshvk @jds0912 i added psd file.so you can resize it by photoshop.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/kevinmcf kevinmcf

    is anyone else having trouble getting the right side of the top widget to reflect where they are?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/NemesisWhip NemesisWhip

    Whats the Font called? :)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati

    @NemesisWhip ”Bazar” and ”Freak turbulence (BRK)”

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/amba amba

    @kevinmcf yes!! i have the same problem, it keeps showing im in russia….can someone teach me how to fix it?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati
  • http://mycolorscreen.com/amba amba

    @semati thanks a lot, it works fine now!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati

    @amba you’re welcome ;)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/Fallon Fallon

    Hey, I love this Screen. Can you tell us what Icons do you have used for the communication tab? Or are these selfmade?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/Joopsie Joopsie

    @semati i I love your theme, I’m using it now and am trying to fix the weather and location so it will reflect correctly but the fix you posted doesn’t seem to work for me, it’s blank. Can you help?

  • http:[email protected] Archer

    @Joopsie – set the weather provider and night start and end times and the weather widget should work fine. I can’t help with the location though as it works fine for me. Just have a poke round in the settings a bit more :)

    @semati – awesome work. Thank you very much for making my phone look lovely :) Just one thing though. In the instructions you don’t mention to resize the 4×1 UCCW widget to 7×1 after putting it on the screen. I only got that from the video ;)

    Thanks again :)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati

    @Archer Yes,you are right. Need to resize it after putting on the screen.I am glad that you like it & thanks for helping about weather issue :)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati

    @Fallon Thanks! I found the icons on google and modified but i don’t remember from where i got them.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/Vipin_C VIPIN

    What’s the font of uccw.. Nice Job

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/semati semati

    @VIPIN Thanks! font name is ”UsaExtraCondLight”

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/jdsingh jdsingh

    wallpaper is not fit on my nexus 4…


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Date Added: Friday, November 30th, 2012 at 12:11 am

Nova Launcher (7×9 grid size)
UCCW (4×1 widget size)
PSD FILE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i54esdtigzlmefr/Curcuna%20PSD.rar
1-Download the wallpaper and uzip file https://www.dropbox.com/s/fbky4iebuvpfjcq/curcuna%20wallpaper.PNG


2-Place the files in your device and set your wallpaper. (Must be 1 home screen)
3-Nova Launcher settings:
Make enable ”Labs” (go into nova launcher settings menu hold down the volume down button for like 2-3 seconds and a secret menu “labs” will enable) Then checked ”Big Grid Size Options”
Now you can use 7×9 grid size.
Hide dock & status bar.
No margins.
4-Place your shortcuts for communication part & make their icons transparent.(https://www.dropbox.com/s/dkgvbdwz3ivp95k/blank%20icon%20%28hidden%29.PNG)
5-For applications part : Create folders like you usually would and put it on top of the icons & make their icons transparent)
6-Choose a 4X1 uccw widget & import curcuna.uzip.
Thanks @ ”MarcoJHB” for the video tutorial

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