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Screen Of the Day on 11/30/2012
  • amalcns

    thank u,thank u,thank u so much for sharing.usually u dont,,so thank u very much:)

  • amalcns

    hi there again,when i clicked on the link it gave me an error,plz fix it:)

  • nikk

    @amalcns No problem mate. I just checked the link again, it works fine. Maybe just try again, I had some trouble in the beginning so the link was indeed broken first. Let me know if you still have difficulties.

  • amalcns

    tnx bro,hope this be declared as “screen of the day”;)

  • amalcns

    sorry to diturb you again,but it gives a server error,is it because i link through mobile?anyway,can u upload it to somewhere else such as dropbox plz???:)

  • AbhixperianeoV

    ya gave an error to me toooooooo…….CAN U PLZ REUPLOAD ON DROPBOX???

  • nikk

    @AbhixperianeoV I don’t have a dropbox account, sorry. Google drive always worked fine in the past. Maybe you need a google drive account? Can’t seem to install dropbox for some reason…

  • amalcns

    i do have an account,dont know why it gives an error,plz plz plz can u upload to
    mediafire,4shared or anything else,or can u upload it to mycolorscreen itself???:(

  • VaiSync

    Cool layout :)
    Check mine.

  • mdjurov

    Very nice setup,man!Just SUPER!

  • nikk

    @amalcns Is it possible to upload to mycolorscreen? Don’t know where I can find that option… or if it even is there. I will not make a new account on some dubious website though. Maybe you have to clean your browser cache because it’s loading an older version?

  • nikk

    I just checked again, when I’m logged out of google, the link gives an error. If I’m logged in, everything works fine. Did you guys try it from your computer or phone? Here is the link one more time:

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 11/30/12

  • panyongs73

    very Cool!
    thanks for sharing!!

  • eeve33

    i still get an error..

  • equishd

    @nikk is this the same one for peel?

  • Ste11a

    Lovely! I must try this layout. Thanks for sharing.

  • siphex

    What Icons are you using?

  • Mr_2fngrz

    Does anyone have a mirror for the files??

  • soulysephiroth

    anyway you be able to put up a tutorial?

  • Sandman007

    Link works fine here

  • nikk

    @Peachanan Thx a ton! :)
    @al: Thx!

  • CodingZone


    I really Liked this Screen and so I modified it….

Date Added: Friday, November 30th, 2012 at 2:53 pm

Please zoom!
Wasn’t too pleased with my last screen. Did like the peel effect I used that I saw on though. So I remade the whole thing and I like the new result much better.
I will provide all the files (wallpapers, UCCW & even PSD). Please give credit when you use any of the stuff. Don’t distribute for money or something, this is only for personal use. The pictures used are from
Hope you like it!